Jealous Rage

Aneira is a commoner, her love is her King. Their love is forbidden and a royal disgrace. She runs away, but what will happen when she returns, three years later, at his engagement celebration, as a Princess.


1. Harsh Reality

Before I start telling you about my tale of events, I’d better tell you the history of Glyndowen Castle. It all began in the year 1442, when the King was looking for a queen to rule by his side. The King also had his closest friend, a commoner girl, whom he had grown up with, she was the most beautiful and strong girl in the kingdom, her name was Aneira and she thought highly of her close friend and beloved King.

As time went by their friendship only grew stronger, but as always, time had a way of destroying it. The King, then a prince, was coming of age, learning about duty and what was royally right from wrong. His parents wanted him to have nothing to do with Aneira, feeling she would only distract him, as they could see his love and admiration for her. Aneira’s feelings had also grown as she did, from a small seedling of friendship to a blossoming bond, strong as iron. However she was a mere commoner, her Kings parents forbade her from entering the castle walls, from stepping foot on castle ground, she was turned away and so she left.

Aneira had grown tired and weak, with days of no food, no water, no company, she had grown restless. She was walking along a quaint country road, where she could hear horses trotting along the path. She focused on the sound of a nearing horse and carriage but her weak and frail body could no longer stand, she fell to the ground and blackness surrounded her. When she awoke, she saw a kindly face, of a well fed, cleanly man. He introduced himself with grace, presenting himself as the famous Prince Aeron, of the Llenylei Kingdom. The Prince quickly rushed her to his castle, where his mother and father treated her with the utmost respect, finding something about her intriguing and familiar. Aneira’s polite manners and knowledge of royal etiquette pleased the royal’s immensely and so they took her in as their own. She was revealed in court, well know by the people as Princess Annabeth of Llenylei.

The King, his parents assuring him that they had sent Aneira off to complete an important task, had grown tired of awaiting her return, ignorant to his parent’s involvement. Three years had been to long of a wait and so the King sent out messenger to inform anyone of nobility that he was ready for his engagement. The news reached the kingdom of Llenylei and the King and Queen were more than happy to send Aneira and Aeron to the celebration, unaware of her past relationship with new King.

Aneira walked into the ballroom, Aeron by her side, and approached her once beloved King, to greet him. Aneira, now a princess in finery, jewels and a high ranking member of nobility almost went unnoticed by the King, until she arose from her curtsy and met with the Kings eyes. In an instant he stood up and called her name, eyes wide with joy and hurt. He wished to hug her to him, hold her forever, until his eyes met with Prince Aeron’s, his expression darkened and with a cold flick of his wrist he dismissed the couple. In a fit of rage and jealousy the King swore to himself to marry the next woman of nobility to approach him and so, when Brangwen, a cruel girl, turned to greet him, the King announced his choice of bride had been made and the entire party cheered, all except for Aneira. She wished to protest, to tell him to stop with the insanity but when he looked at her, she knew she was not in the right place to do so. So the engagement commenced, along with the celebrations.

Prince Aeron took Aneira outside to get some fresh air, as he was the only person to know about her past with the King, and he took pity upon her fragile broken heart. He led her toward the staircase to the top of the castle, comforting her along the way, both of them unaware of the King following close behind. When they reached the top of the castle Aeron hugged Aneira to him comforting her like a good brother, but the King, who was watching in the shadows, filled with jealousy and rage once more. There on that balcony at the top of the castles west turret is when my tragic tale begins, for you see, I am Aneira.

The King emerged from the shadows, sword in hand, pushing Aeron off me and into the wall. My King was suddenly a vile man, his usually joyful and loving expression was now one of pure, stone-cold anger. Everything was so sudden, the sound of metal slicing bone, the pool of blood, my scream loud enough to wake the dead, all of it was too much and when Aeron’s head rolled along the floor and slowed to a stop by my feet, my heart stopped. The King turned to me, faltering at my gaze of pure terror, “Please Aneira, do not fear me, for I will never hurt you.” In that moment I froze, I could find no words, but quickly I found my voice, “My King, it is not you I fear but the evil that has possessed you, jealousy does not become you, my King, for you have killed my beloved brother.” The King froze.

Little did any of us know that Brangwen was hiding in the shadows, following the King just as he had followed me. She was enraged that she had not been chosen out of love and admiration, but of a jealous and selfish plan of revenge. She knew the King would not choose to marry her if he could chose me and so she walked out silently, a small, sharp dagger in hand and she stabbed my King in the back. The King stumbled forwards and tripped falling to his death, his last and final words being a silent cry, “I love you, Aneira.”

It’s a little known fact that Brangwen was a witch’s daughter and so in her jealous fit of rage, she cursed me to live a thousand years of solitude. She did later realise it was not I who was at fault, for I had no intention hurting her or marry the King, and so I was given the castle, while she took her last few breaths on her death bed.

It’s now 2010, I’ve served nearly half of my pitiful sentence and still I miss my King and beloved brother dearly. At night you can hear them calling for me, the sounds of Aeron pained screams, the Kings body hitting the ground and snapping like a twig under a giants boot. Every morning I wake up to see an indentation in the pillow next to me and a cold, empty feeling in my heart. So, that is my story and if you ever visit the castle and hear pained cries, fear not, for they shall not harm you, unless you want to court me, then you should run, for as I have seen, jealousy makes people do crazy,  regrettable things.

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