What is life even?

Imagine you and your best friend are going to a One Direction concert and you get to meet the boys. So basically the story is about a high school dream coming true ;)


1. what is life even?

My throat was hurting really bad from all the screaming, and I also had a really strong headache. But I didn’t care at all, actually I loved the pain, plus it was all my own fault. But it all had a reason like a really good reason then; we just got our tickets for the One Direction concert next year! Ok maybe we did overact a little bit, but we have dreamed about this for so long and now it’s finally solid. Me and my best friend are going to the One Direction concert next year.

Luckily the time has gone fast since it was already the 16th of July 2015 . But it still kinda took forever for us to wait. But now the time finally had come. We had decided not to go to school that day, instead we were just planning the day and talking about all sorts of things. As usual we were at my place and getting ready together. It took forever for me to do my makeup and find my outfit and just everything that I was going to need at the Concert. Then after 20 minutes my make-up was done usually, it doesn’t take so long for me but I just wanted it to be so perfect as possible. My best friend had already her completed outfit done. So she just sat in my bed and gave me stupid glances all the time, but I just ignored them I was used to it. Finally after 45 minutes I was completely finished too. We made our way downstairs to eat a little snack, so that we wouldn’t be too hungry at the concert. After eating we took all our stuff and went out of my House making our way to the subway. On our way to the subway, we found a little food stand and decided to buy some food for the traveling because it was going to be a long ride anyway. Finally we made it and we were standing at the subway and waiting for our train. After a little while our train was there and it didn’t take so long as we were expecting, but that was just good because that meant we would get there sooner, which also meant we could get in sooner and get a better place to stand to get a better view of the boys. We found our seats in the train and made it cozy so that we could get a little nap, because we knew it was going to be loud as hell at the concert so we needed to relax a little. After only 10 minutes my best friend was gone in her sweet dreams. Probably about One Direction. I couldn’t sleep of all the excitement but my eyes were still closed, I guess I was just day dreaming.. Ok maybe I was not because a loud scream that must have been from my best friend woke me up. It meant we had arrived. I looked out to see if we really had arrived and maybe I should have trusted my best firends weirdness, cause it was true we had arrived, then my brain began to freak out too. We stood up and walked out of the train. Outside it only got worse because we began to freak even more out so that everyone looked at us, as if we were the most craziest girls in the whole world, which wasn’t really a surprise for us we already knew it cause we literally are the craziest girls in the world at least when it’s about One Direction. After our little freak out, we started to walk over to where the concert were constructed.


After a little while walking we stood right in front of where the concert scene were buildet, totally ignoring all the other screaming girls and security’s. Let’s just say that we were in our own little world. After what felt like hours, we decided to head over to the crowd that we saw standing in front of us. When we came over to the crowd we found out that this was the place where you get to your seat where you have to wait to get in. So we decided that we should probably also get in to wait, so that we could get a nice place to sit. It didn’t really take so long to get in because there weren’t that many fans yet, probably because it was still pretty early. After 3 Hours waiting, we finally got to get in. We stood up from the ground and joined the standing rope that was made out of all the fans, which was moving unbelievable slow so we got pretty impatient. But then after 15 minutes it was our turn. We got stamped on our hands and a permission to get in, we literally raced in, although we’ve been told just to walk in. It only took a few minutes till a security spotted us and he said that he would throw us out if we would do that once again so we definitely weren’t going to do that again! We walked further and finally got in to the main place without any trouble. And of course we started to freak totally out again because gosh it was the most beautiful thing that we had ever seen! It’s not like we haven’t seen it before but the second time is always more beautiful I think. We walked over to the W lawn, cause that’s where we should stand. Because it was so early we got a perfect place to stand right in front of the scene. It didn’t took so long for the rest to come so we got all squeezed and sweaty as soon as everyone has arrived. There wasn’t going to be any heating band this year so all kind of different songs just started to play, and as soon as the song “Magarina” came on, we all started to dance this crazy dance which were made for the song. But then after only 5 minutes we got so exhausted that we just had to stop. We stood there watching other fans around us dance and felt really un-sporty, but hey we just saved our energy for the boys!

 FINALLY we heard a really familiar song, so we looked up at the big headboard and saw that they played a One Direction song, and of course we weren’t going to miss that so we started to dance again and then after only a few seconds, we found out that this was the intro to the On The Road Again Tour and we started so scream and sort of cry cause we knew what was about to happen and basically just live our life and be the crazy fans that we were born for to be.

The little sweet intro took no longer than 3 minutes and then the most beautiful and sweetest and of course, hottest looking boys in the whole world came on the scene. And that’s where we literally started to cry and scream more than we even knew we could. They started off with Steal My Girl and it was so freaking amazing! It went like this for about 45 minutes and then my best friend had to go to the toilet. I tried to ignore her at first, cause I really didn’t want to miss any songs, but then she started to say that she would do whatever she had to do on me and then I just kinda had to go with her. We pressed us out of the big crowd with much of hate but we did it. We couldn’t find the toilet so we just asked the first girl that we saw, because maybe she knew it. But of course she didn't. Everyone just looked like they were totally lost and didn’t know where they were. And thatv didn't surprise us at all because, duh, this was a One Direction concert. But what we didn’t realize, was that Louis and Harry wasn’t on stage anymore, so they were playing some random music while Niall, Zayn, and Liam walked around and talked on stage. I couldn’t get to wonder really much about what just happened because I heard a really loud scream from my best friend, and when I turned my head to face her, all I saw was her running away. So I had to run after her because this was a really big arena and you’d get lost if you weren’t beside your partner all the time. I didn’t know where we were 'cause it looked somehow like backstage but my thoughts trailed off, as soon as I saw my best friend walking into a random toilet that she must have found. I walked over to the toilet and opened the door. I wasn’t really expecting to see my best friend lying on the floor though. I turned my head to see Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson standing right in front of me, I nearly joined her. I closed my eyes for a second and opened them again to see if this was a dream but it wasn't, because they were still in front of me.I took my hands up to cover my mouth that hung open and started to feel dizzy, because this just couldn't be true could it? I nearly got a heart attack when I heard my best friend talk. I could tell that she was really nervous too because she stuttered even just by saying Hello. Louis and Harry just stood awkward there and looked at us. But then Louis said Hi back and I started to cry and scream, but inertly of course because it would be way to awkward to do it in front of your Idols. And I could feel that my best friend felt the exact same thing. Then Harry waved to us and I just couldn’t hold the mask anymore so I began to jump and scream and cry and just everything I could. After doing that I jumped into Harry and gave him a big bear hug. And he hugged me back which wondered me because I thought he would be afraid of me and my weirdness but he wasn’t, and that was the best thing could ever happen to me. I thought… Because then he pulled out a little note and a paper and started to write something down on it. I didn’t see it because, as usual, I was in my own little world again after what just happened, and when I thought this couldn’t get any better, he gave me the note and kissed me on my cheek and whispered in my ear ; Call me <3 And then they left. This was a high school dream that came true with a member of the biggest boy band ever. What is life even?

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