A Walk in the Park?

Natsu is just starting Fairy Tail High with his best friend. What could be better? How bout the cutest girl in school dateing you? Yeah that would be grate, but is it just a walk in the park to win her over?
Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own Fairy Tail or any of its characters.
This is my first fanfic. =p


1. New School

*RING RING* Lucy's alarm went off. "I hate mornings so much." She muttered as she got out of bed. She is Lucy Hartifelia , Hartifelia as in the richest family in all of Fior. -At School- "Hi, Levi-chan " Lucy said smiling. "Hi Lu-chan!" Levi cried. "Are you excited that we get to to Fairy Tail High! I mean you've got to be a little excited, because we get to improve our magic!" "Yeah ill admit I'm a little excited." Lucy replyed."What's your first class?" "Umm... I think , The Science of Magic with uh, Bob." "Really! Me to!" Lucy celebrated with Levi about their good luck. "Well we better get going." They said at the same time, then laughed. "Come on, Lu-chan." Levi said out if breath.
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