His Ripped Jeans

Sophie is 16, she lives with her older and over protective brother Ashton and her dad.
She soon begins to fall for one of Ashton's best friends and band mates Luke, much to Ashton's disaproval, will she be able to maintain herself without loosing her new found love with Luke or the strong bond she has developed with her brother?


1. Chapter One

"You are so annoying" Ashton giggled as he realised id once again hid the chocolate from the fridge away from his beady eyes. I jumped up onto the kitchen counter

"You had like the full packet last week" I told him, he stuck out his bottom lip and fluttered his eye lids much to my ammusement, i shook my head, jumped down off the counter and opened the dishwasher, revealing the pack of twelve chocolatey treats.

Ashton bounced towards the dishwasher, rubbing his hands together

"Now there is somewhere i wouldn't of looked! He said "Your getting pretty good at this hiding shit malarky sis"

He took out the chocolates and held out his hand as if he was about to high five me, confused as to why he was praising me on such a bizarre skill, i reached out and slapped his hand before -in sync- we bent our arms so only the elbow showed and bumped them together which was a handshake we had been using for years.

I watched Ashton gallop up the stairs and smilled, i perched myself back onto the kitchen counter and sat scrolling through my phone. Dad walked in

"You alright spud?" He asked me

i nodded and he continued

"So what've you been up to today?" He questioned, fully aware that i had been doing what id been doing for the last 9 months since id finished school. Nothing.

"Oh you know" He looked at me sympathetically as i stared blankly into space and mumbled confusingly.

The truth is i had no idea what i wanted to do and didn't want to face the fact that life was moving faster than id of hoped.

I slid myself off the counter and dragged myself up the stairs, i could hear Ashton bashing his drums and decided to leave him alone. I walked into my room and jumped onto my bed removing my dressing gown and taking off my 100th pair of ripped skinny jeans. I popped my spotify playlist on and browsed my social media again. This was my life and i seemed to be doing the same things day in and day out.

My mum died a few years ago, which left Dad to struggle with us both(me and ash)to take care of, things got really hard but we all pulled through and I'm immensely proud of the two males in my life. Dad works in the police force which provides a steady income, He also plays guitar and has done a few gigs locally, he has always encouraged music into our home, i can play a few chords on a guitar but thats about it. My brother Ashton on the other hand is a different story he sings, plays guitar and is amazing at banging on his drums. He even plays in a band which is what he is focussing most on now and has been since he left school 3 years ago.

A few hours later i turned off my spotify and began getting ready for bed, following my usual Saturday night routine i brushed my teeth, dressed my hair in a messy bun and got into bed watching what ever saturday night television programmes they were previewing this week, before falling asleep to the sound of the presenters voices.

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