Elaina wakes up to a world destroyed by a raging war. She has no idea what has happened over the past 20 years of her life. With only a letter to guide her, she travels through the land, finding many secrets belonging to her past. Only she can save her country and bring peace to her land once more. Will she Triumph or die trying?


1. The Letter

Dearest Elaina,

You have been born into a world of hatred. No other land in this world is as evil. But you, my sweet child, are a single drop of light in these dark times. Let me explain...


My name is Ophelia, Queen of the fae. I have ruled over Fascinare for many moons. It was always an enchanting place of hope, and when you were born, our kingdom rejoiced. You would be the heir to the throne when I passed on. But Good news spreads fast. Faster than you would think. Within a day, the demons came. They said that they were looking for the newborn child. I begged them to leave you be. But then they just started attacking. Fae, goblins, witches, the good, the bad, the young and old. Hundreds died protecting you. I had no choice. I fled in despair, trying to find a place where you could be safe. The whole of Fascinare was in ruins by this stage, so I did the only thing I could do. I brought you across the barrier. Through to Terrorem, land of all things evil. I travelled with you in my arms for many days and nights, and when I finally thought we were safe, I sang you a lullaby. A lullaby that would draw you into a sleep that would last for exactly twenty years. You would need no nourishment or care, and you would be completely unnoticeable. When the song was finished, I lay you in a thorn bush. Tears came to my eyes. You were my world. I then handed myself over to my Mother, Ruler of Terrorem, where she placed me in a torture chamber. My whole body is aching as I am writing. But I knew that I must write to explain everything. In twenty years time, I predict that the world will still be the same. It is up to you to save it, my dear child. Let nothing stop you. It is your destiny to bring back peace to the lands that are rightfully yours. Let nothing stop you. Mother

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