How to: Choose Movellas Friends

The second book of my ¨How to¨ series on how to choose movellas friends.
(P.S. This one might be sort of short)


1. Why Make This Book?

Well, first of all, I've noticed that people follow one or two people that are particularly popular, and then they just stop. If you are new or don't know anyone on here yet the, you're done. End of story. Sometimes you get to talk to people and get to know them, but they never end up friending you. You just sit there like, ¨I've read their stories, I've answered and posted their comments, and they have done NOTHING! Not one read on a story, not one comment on any story other than theirs, no loves, likes, or favorites, and NO FOLLOWING!¨ Well, now you know why I want to write this, because you'd hate to be that one guy that every story has, like, 50 reads each, but no likes, comments, follows, or any feedback at all! You're welcome to all those people like me and people with no followers but are truly brilliant. :)

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