Come Back // Marc Bartra

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  • Published: 11 Feb 2015
  • Updated: 11 Feb 2015
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Remembering you is easy,
I do it every day,
but missing you,
is a heartache,
that never goes away.


1. Come Back // Marc Bartra One Shot

• authors note •

Hiii everyone! I just wanna say that I have never, ever written one shots or stuff like that before so bear with me, please. If it sucks, I'm sorry, but yeah. Don't get too confused if there's a bit past/present grammars, because I'm so bad at editing that.
Anyways, I wrote this in the middle of the night, because I just felt for it, so this may be the first and only thing - for a long while - that I will post, because I just suck at writing, heh. But if you like it, there may be more to come.

Hope you enjoy💗


Today, it has been 3 years. 3 long, and painful years, since Marc passed away. The sweet, loving and caring Marc, who wouldn't hurt a fly. My Marc
I miss him like crazy. I really do. There's not a single day passing by, without me shedding a tear for him.
Even though it's been so long, I still pay his phone bills, just to listen to the beautiful voice of his on his voicemail. Pathetic, I know, I just can't help it.

I was currently sitting next to the window in our bedroom, looking out on the grey, cloudy sky. It reminded me of that day. A weak smile formed on my lips, but disappeared just as quick. 
The day my world crashed down around me. 
Him and the boys from the National Team, were on an away game in Chile for 3 days.


I had just finished my dinner and quickly washed up my plate. I ran to our bedroom and grabbed my MacBook. I had promised Marc to Skype with him the night before his big game. Yes, Marc has become the new captain of Spain's National Team, and tomorrow is his first game as the team captain. I couldn't be more proud of him!
Suddenly, a call came in on Skype. I smiled as his face appeared on my screen. God, I miss him already. I picked up the call, and waved happily at him. 

"Hey babe! How are you doing?"
I asked him with a smile.

" Hi honey. I'm doing good, just nervous for the game tomorrow." He smiled his beautiful smile, but I could see the nervousness in his eyes. 

" It will be fine and you will do better than ever. I know that. Just do as you always do, and it will all work out. " I send him a reassuring smile. 

He nodded and looked down shortly, then back up at me. " I just miss you," was all he said. I bit my lip. 

" I miss you too, but we will be together again in a few days "


2 days later, I was walking down the street of downtown Barcelona. I love it here. Marc and the boys had won the game against Chile yesterday, and everything couldn't get any better at the moment. 
I bought some Starbucks and a croissant for myself.

Back at our apartment, I saw I had new message from Marc, when I checked my phone. I smiled, and called the voicemail to listen to his message.

"Hi babe! I literally can't wait to see you tonight. I have a surprise for you too, so don't make any plans!.." I chuckled at his playful tone and kept on listening.

".. I'd love to leave a longer message, but our plane is taking off soon, so the last I want to say is; I love you and,.." he suddenly stopped talking, then moments later he whispered, " wait for me to come home," and with that, he ended the message. 

*end of flashback*

The thing was just, he didn't come home. None of them did the first 24 hours. It was when I got a call from the hospital. They told me the plane had crashed down, in southern Spain. I remember it like it was yesterday. I hadn't been able to speak, think or barely breath normally. Everything stopped. The lady on the phone, told me that most of them were injured, - some worse than others - but in Marc's case, it looked bad. I couldn't speak. As I hung up, my phone dropped to the floor.

Hours later I had been on a train, for what felt like forever, on my way to the hospital the lady called from. I had hoped so badly that they were all okay, but when I arrived, it was already too late. The others were okay, Marc was gone. I had come too late. He was dead, caused by the big amount if blood he had lost. 
I remember breaking down at the side of his bed, unable to do anything else..


A few weeks later, we had held Marc's funeral. Everyone met up, friends, his family, my family and, of course, his team. I had been an emotional wreck, ever since the day I found out, and I still am. 
When I came home that day, Isco - a good friend of me and Marc, also his team mate - called and asked if we could talk.

* flashback *

It has officially been 3 weeks since Marc had passed away, and we just held his funeral today. Now, I was sitting at the very, far end of our livingroom, waiting for Isco to arrive. 

I hear the door creak open, and Isco appears around the corner. He smiles softly and then sits next to me on the couch. 

" How are you feeling? " He asks, looking me directly in the eye, searching for an honest answer.

I look down, fiddling with my fingers, then back at him. " Alright, I guess," was the only words I could respond with.

He looks at me, concern in his eyes, " Em-" I cut him off. " no, I'm fine. anyways, you wanted to talk?" He sighed. 

" yes.. 3 weeks ago when we were on our way back home, Marc wanted to surprise you." I nodded for him I continue. 

" he told me what he had planned, happiness written all over his face. He had wanted to take you out to the hill were you had your very first date." Tears started to form in my eyes when I remembered that day. He kept going. 

"He would've made it like your first date, and then he would've gotten down, on one knee, and put this on your finger," he pulled out a box from his pocket, placing it in my hand. At the moment, I'm not able to hold the tears back anymore. My hands are shaking right now. I open the box, and stare at the beautiful, silver ring. It has a diamond, small yet perfect; just how I like it, in the middle, and on the inside, our initials are engraved ' E & M ' with the words: 'forever and always'. Isco then took the ring from the box and then my left hand. He looked at me, waiting for me to approve. I weakly nodded, and he put the ring on my ring finger. I put my hand over my mouth as the tears kept streaming down my cheeks. 

" it looks beautiful on you," he said with a big smile. The next thing I know, is that I'm hugging him for what feels like hours, crying my heart out.

* end of flashback *

I looked down on my ring as I smiled. I loved Marc. Hell, I still do, I'd never stop loving him. Loving him is like breathing; so easy, yet, if I stopped, I would die.
I never took my ring off, because I felt like if I did that, it was like saying I had moved on. And I haven't, and I never will.

And with that, I made my decision.

I looked one last time at my ring before standing up. I picked out my favourite picture of us. It was the one from the first day we dated, we were all smiley and laughed at something. I took it down from the wall, and took out the picture from its frame. When I looked at it, I didn't realise that a few tear drops had fallen on it. I quickly folded it and put it in my jean pocket.

A few minutes later I had grabbed my phone, the picture and all of my keys. I didn't need anything else for what I was about to. As I looked around our apartment, one last time, I sighed. When the door was locked, I practically ran down the stairs and into my car. I started the engine and drove off.


When I finally arrived, a little over an hour later, the sun was already setting. I pulled up next to the big oak tree that has been here for god knows how long. It looked exactly like the last time I was here. The big oak tree, all the soft, green grass that you could get lost in, all the flowers and bushes smelled heavenly in the calm summer night breeze. I looked over at the cliff, closing my eyes, listening to the calming sound of the waves in the ocean beneath. 
I opened my eyes again and walked over to the end of the cliff. Everything was so quiet.I took the picture out of my pocket and looked at it.

" I can't do this anymore, " I mumbled quietly to myself, and looked up.

" If you can't come back to me, then.. I can at least come to you," I spoke out loud, as if he could hear me.

"Forever and always, " I paused. "forever and always," I threw my phone in the grass and kept the photo in my hand, as I spread my arms out.
I closed my eyes.

"Wait for me, to come home." Those were my last words, and with that, I let myself fall. Never regretting a single thing.

• authors note •

Soo yeah that was it! Hope you liked it, and even if you didn't I'd like to read any comments and stuff:)Co

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