the lost explorer

this is a short story one of a few.


1. The beginning.

Blazing heat across my face, sweat pouring through my skin my mouth as dry as a lizards back AGRHHH!!!!. A smell like never before, that overwhemls the sight of bones and buzzards roaming. I see a place of shade, thank the gods. Do i go or do i stay in the acid like sun that scortches the skin of any living being. It's not difficult to see what i did, so i start making my way, my camel, poor old lorenzo exhausted and dyhydrated; we pulled ourselves along  with every step becoming heavier making it feel like miles in the sinking sand.

The shade became very near and was almost in my reach when a lost tribe was obstructing my view of heaven. I musted up the energy to run to them in hope they would let me past, pleading for shade but no! Those selfish being wouldn't let me past, so me being me i through a strop and started to go mad (well it could have gone better). I felt the horrific pain in my side " AARRGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  i shouted hoping someone somewhere would hear me but no i was alone with a savage tribe in the middle of flipping no-where. 

i slumped to the ground falling unconscience...

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