The Midnight Watchers

Sisters London, Lindsey, and Lex haven't always had it easy but when Lex gathers enough money to get backstage passes to their favorite band The Midnight Watchers, that might just change. Forever.



1. Chapter One


             "London I swear if you don't give me that remote I will bury you!" I wake up to London and Lindsey yelling at each other. "Oh shut up Lindsey! I am not watching Pretty Little Liars!" "I need to find out who A is!" Lindsey whines. I sigh rolling out of bed and walk into the living room watching the two bicker at each other. You would never guess we are sisters by just looking at us, we don't look the same and we've all taken on different hair colors. London kept her long silky hair its natural black color, Lindsey dyed her hair blond and cut it to a medium, then there's my long velvet red hair. We look as much alike as three snowflakes. "Lex wants to watch Pretty Little Liars too." Lindsey says crossing her arm. "Ohh no ma'am, I'm not involved in this." I shake my head walking to the kitchen to pour me a delicious bowl of lucky charms. "Ugh fine, I'll watch it on my laptop. Forget you guys." Lindsey stomps to her room. I sit next to London on the couch as she flips the channel to SpongeBob.

"FINLAND!" We yell out together after doodle bob hits Patrick with a bowling ball and wrench. "You two are so childish it honestly pains me to watch you." Lindsey scoffs. "Oh please, who was the one that watched Dora The Explorer until she was 17?" I giggle. "I WAS IN SPANISH CLASS FOR GOODNESS SAKE!" Lindsey yells as me and London laugh at her. "I hate you guys.." Lindsey  turns to walk away but I stop her. "Wait just a second there. Now, remember that concert you guys wanted to go to?" There's a band called The Midnight Watchers and they are the only thing London and Lindsey can agree on liking. I think they're okay, but honestly I really only pay attention to their faces. "Of course we remember, why?" London looks at me strange. I smile and hold up three backstage passes. "Oh my gosh! How did you get these?" Lindsey rushes to me. "My boss gave me a bonus." I lied. In reality I scraped together just enough money to get these, but it was worth it seeing the excitement on their faces. "I love you so much!" Lindsey practically throws herself onto me hugging me. "Hey! I'm her favorite move!" London pushes Lindsey away hugging me. I giggle at them. "Go get ready you two dummies." I smile. They run to their rooms excited as I chuckle taking my bowl to the kitchen. I wash it then head to my room to get ready.

I curl my hair into soft beach waves and put on a little foundation and mascara. I'm not very talented with makeup. I dress in black skinny jeans, a loose white shirt and white converse. "Come on you two we have to leave soon." I say as I walk out of my room. I sit on the couch checking my phone. About five minutes later London walks out with her hair in a high ponytail, a grey long sleeve dress, black tights, and grey flats. "Lindsey come on!" I groan. "I have to look good when I meet Trent, we're soul mates!" Lindsey yells at me and I roll my eyes. There are six guys in The Midnight Watchers, Trent who is Lindsey's favorite has blonde hair and green eyes, Garret who is London's favorite, has brown hair and hazel eyes, Riker who is my favorite has black hair and ocean blue eyes, then there is Anthony, who has ginger hair and blue eyes, Xavier who has sandy brown hair and dark brown eyes, then last but not least Brandon who has white hair and grey eyes.

A little later she walks out. "Good?" She turns in a circle so we can see all around. Her hair is in full, bouncy curls, she has on a good amount of makeup, and she is wearing a black sparkling dress with matching heels. "Yeah, you look great. Trent's going to fall for you in a snap." London smiles and I chuckle. "Please don't get us kicked out trying to do the guys okay?" I look at them. "Oh yeah, no problem." They giggle and I sigh. "You two act like high school girls." "Well we did just graduate last year." Lindsey shrugs. It was true, they are twins and both nineteen, I'm the oldest at twenty one. "Lets go." I smile grabbing my keys and walking with them out the door. I drive to the stadium and hand them each a pass then put my own around my neck like a necklace.

"I'm so freaking excited!" Lindsey squeals a little and London quickly nods her head in agreement. A bodyguard escorts us to where we need to be, I look over at London and Lindsey periodically  to make sure they aren't going to scream. London looks like she is keeping her cool nicely but Lindsey looks as if she is going to pop at any second. "The meet and we greet will be after the show, here are your seats." The bodyguard smiles to us and we smile back saying our thank yous. The stadium quickly fills up and the show starts.

After the show is over we walk to the back for the meet and greet. "Oh my gosh, there they are!" Lindsey whispers excitedly. I giggle a little and notice Riker looking me up and down from afar. I blush and look at London who is grinning from ear to ear. "He is staring at you." She whispers to me. "I know now shut up!" I blush more as we get closer to them. Finally after an hour its our turn. I hand them each the cd I picked up at the souvenir stand blushing a little when I get to Riker. "What's your name gorgeous?" He smiles his perfect teeth showing. "Oh um, I'm Lex." I stutter a little. "Lex, that's a cute name. It suits you." He winks and I blush more. "I wrote my number in here, I trust you'll get in touch?" He smiles as I nod quickly taking the cd and walking away.

"Oh so you can do it but we cant?" Lindsey jokes as her and London walk up behind me. "Yeah, remember what you said earlier?" London joins in. "I am not trying to sleep with him! He was flirting with me!" I cross my arms. "Hey, at least you got his number. Trent didn't even give me a second look." Lindsey looks down sadly. "Don't worry about it Linds, you look great and I'm pretty sure Xavier thought so too." London smiles. "How do you know?" Lindsey looks up at her. "He asked me to give you this." London hands her a piece of paper. "Oh my gosh, his number!" Lindsey grins. "So now we all have one of their numbers." London giggles and I smile as we get into the car and drive home. 

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