One More Video

Kelin has been an o2l lover since day one, so when they stop making videos she is devastated. Desperate for one more video she tries to win over Jc Caylen, it's the best shot she has


1. Who's to Blame?


I open my eyes to bleak, empty room that seems unfamiliar at first but then I remember, I stayed at Zhia's last night not having the courage to go home. She dragged me into the spare room as her mom isn't a big fan of me and quite frankly we weren't in a great state- the new paint party joint had it's opening night and we cashed in on all of the bonus offers and we were still hurting after the news. Have you heard it yet, I bet you haven't, o2l have decided to stop making videos for the channel and all these years of fangirling are now worth nothing! To avoid over thinking I jump out of bed and tiptoe into the shower; Zhia is still in bed and I want to be gone before she wakes up so I get out of the shower after five minutes and pull on yesterdays clothes. The front door slams quietly behind me as I leave into the early autumn morning.

As I walk home I pass the park where a family of four are sat having a picnic and their aura just screams bliss and happiness that I feel guiltily jealous of, why is my family so misshaped and messed up- we used to go for picnic's when I was younger and my mom and dad always seemed happy. That all fell apart when my dad left us to live with his girlfriend in Hong Kong, her name is Huiling and they met when dad was on a Chinese business trip, my mom was oblivious until she saw the messages and ordered dad to leave so I don't see him. All she does is stay home looking after my three year old brother Calum whilst trying to act like she cares for me and wants to 'be there' for me; in true form she pounces on me as soon as I enter the door.

"So where were you all of last night, dinner was on the table and I had planned a movie night," she looks at me accusingly.

"Oh sorry I didn't realize- me, Zhia and some others girls went out." This my usual excuse so mom doesn't seem to believe it; her eyes roll and she puts Calum down so she can move closer to me.

"Look Kelin you've been out for the last five nights, you're seventeen, still at college and you treat this place like somewhere you can swing by to freshen up. I'm done with your behavior and if you want to stay here you won't go out as much, you will also acknowledge me and your brother- treat us like your family. Do you understand?"

"Yes OK mom; I'll stay home with you and Calum more but you have to let me grow up" I place my request on the table and wait for her answer.

"Fine you can go out with your friends sometimes," with that I trudge up to my room and turn on my laptop- clicking onto o2l's YouTube channel that's bound to make me feel better. Then the idea hits me like a brick; what if I could make them post videos again, I could find them and get closer to them this would be easy as they also live in LA.

But which one should I choose? 



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