The story is about me.


1. Chapter 0

This is the beginning of my new story.. a story of my life

 well i know everybody has there problems and go through wierd circumstances and try to fight for what they believe in 

i know everybody literally work there asses off. 

 to me like everybody  else i am on the samething i work my ass off on my studies ,i work my ass off on my comics..making stuff

and then it reaches a point where the stuff you make doesn't get recognised as you wanted in matter of fact it doesn't even get recognition and it happened to be something that made you feel so special about your self.. you felt like you were colour blue out of green and purples.

 the feeling of i am different because this is what i want to do ..i am different cause i have this different idea of how i will make it .

this is what i want to do and i am trying whatever it takes  ,then you go work at it ..for 15 hours  crafting to improve on  work and work then you post didn't even get a single like or subscriber and oh you wish it was luck of viewers.

 but actually it's not .. 

 at first you think oh may be i don't have much experience you quit that project then you work on another one you clearly see your progress but to other people there is nothing there.

 okay so then you start thinking oh may be it's the story i need more characters more comedy more action scenes then you do it you plan it you work on it diligently you even make thumbnails spent a lot of money you would have rather spent eating ..but before you need know it you have spent an entire 2 years stressing trying to improve 

but you never get to where you want to ..

you never get to please them. well certainly not like others

and others make stuff about school children throwing there pants and other even draw a stick man 

wait here is a best one.

another makes a blank page and he has more likes than your work that took you 4 days to put it in full colour.

then i realized .

 Fuck me i am not doing it for any body.

i am drawing my work for me ...i dont want to be a professionall on this 

i dont know where this world is going but i think being born is not a blessing it's a curse you have to live with.

just watching your self lose other people win.

and you cant doo nothing about it ..and if you get angry the bible say envy is a sin

you have to be a good little boy and accept losing ..i hate how submissive it sounds 

it absolutely sounds like if there is a bomb going on outside you cant stop it 

you suck it up and let it explode your ass up that's basically what it seems kinda like.

it's same thing as seeking affection for a woman.

well that's exactly iti dont get the girls i like .. chances are she does'nt like me back

and the one who likes you have to force your self to like her other wise you will be single for the rest of your sorry ass life .

  things like how attractive you loook your face your body 

 sure you can train and improve and wear good clothes but then you cant change your whole self 

if your face is chubby it's chubby you have to sit down and accept it.

that's why i have decided 

i want to take a trips to many parts of the world and go on adventure and write a short story 

and put my short dairy  in a casket or something and may be future generations of my blood line will read ir or not.

at least that i can do that.

at least may be i will finally be happy.


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