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Comment what I should read next and keep tuned in for more. Every 5 likes = 5 new reviews. 1st chapter only, also comment if you'd like to co-write with me!


1. Week 1-ish

Hi guys! Be sure to comment books for me to look at and read, here goes the first 5!

1. Slave Auction/ The Last Girl- By: @Rileyes

This book is amazing, so amazing it is a REAL book, published and everything. The first 5 chapters of it I do believe are free her on Movellas, but it is great. It is about girls auctioning themselves off to boys for a week, and they can do whatever. Really good definitely recommend it to you all out there.Link: (


2. Could This Really Be Happening- By: @Cam:)

This book is about a girl named Ellie who's father takes on 5 new clients: 1 Direction, and even though some of their craze has died down, a few people moving towards 5SOS, it is an amazing book. In the first chapter she learns that she is going to be going with them on tour. It is great, but I'm not revealing anymore of it's amazingness to you! Link: (


3. It All Started With a Twitcam and a Tweet- By: @Nialler's_Prince1477

Now, I want all of you to read this, and so I'm not giving any spoilers really. So, it is a 1 Direction fanfiction. It has 5 girls who talk to the boys over twitter. No more said, except it's GREAT! Link: ( 


4. Scooter Braun's Step-Daughter- By: @jlloe_bieber

This is a really good story, but not finished as of 2/8/15. You should read it. It is obviously a Justin Bieber Fanfic. Chloe(the main character) is the new step-daughter of Scooter Braun(obviously) and now lives in Justin Bieber's house. Read this and Enjoy! Link: (


5. The Troubles of Being a Teenager- By: @Stardust.Hemmings and @BarleyPretzel2015

Sure, this isn't a finished novellete, but it has potential. All of the chapters are action packed with regular high-school drama. You read it for yourself if you're a girl, because you will find it funny and interesting. It is about a lot of different things, but mostly the new girl is trying to steal another girl's boyfriend, jelousy and all, that's all the sneak peak of this I'm gonna tell you for now! Link:(

Author's Note: 

Please comment good stories, I will read them and stuff. So, every 5 likes= 1 new "week" or entry. Hope you enjoy, comment if you do, or if you don't suggestions, if you want to be my co-author, etc. TTFN Love y'all!

-Gymnastdancer111 :) :D <3 

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