The end of the world as we know of it


1. The Beginning of the end

It all began on the 5th of June five years ago but let's not get into that just yet how about I start at the beginning. My friends and I decided to go on a late night out, none of our parents were home at this time they all were having date nights, and we all decided to mess with a few people and let's be honest with six teenagers all 17-18 shit's gonna go down. We started out with a few easy things knock and run, tp, painting but as the night progressed we did one of the best pranks we've ever done. Jess found our victim while James, Franklin, Samantha and I set up the fake sacrifice complete with pentagram and candles and waited for the call to light them up. As we waited for Jess and the fool we counted the hours and strained our ears to hear any sign of her but as the hours passed by 1 am 2 am 4 am we began to get worried until at 6:30 that morning Jess came back but there was something different about her to say the least. As Franklin went up to make sure Jess was okay something went wrong, Jess lunged at Franklin and sank her teeth into his bare neck but didn't do anything else because after she got off of Franklin and he stood up he ran at us, his former group of friends, and took out James as Jess turned Samantha. I ran not slowly but as fast as I could and to be honest I'm not the slimmest or the fastest but as I felt the adrenaline pumping in my system I didn't slow on my mile speed run away from the park and the hunters on my tail. I arrived at my house to find my parents car in the driveway sorta, it was thrown off into the grass, and as I approached the house I found the metal door to be ripped of its hinges and lying in a twisted lump in the middle of the living room, with what looked to be a body crucified to the wall with metal stakes I slowly and cautiously entered the house and heard the figure growl at me in a deep gravelly voice that could make Vin Diesel get a shiver down his spine.

"Hello there mortal."

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