Me & You

Its about a girl name Selena who gets bullied and then 1D helps her.


1. Hell Of A Day

Well I had one hell of a day. First I met my new classmates. Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. They are quite nice. Everyone thinks they are popular sooooo. I guess they are the new bad boys. I am Selena.

Nialls POV:

"Uhm Hello fellow classmates *sweats and stares at Selena* I am Niall Horan.... Nice to meet you all.... Welp I Uh...." I Say Of nervousness "Niall!" Harry said to me. "Oh, Uh Sorry...!"

Harrys POV: Yes hello! *elbows Niall in ribs*

Selena's POV: All the other boys are quiet... hmm. OH GOD THAT HAWTTIE NIALL IS NEXT TOO ME OMG OMG OMG YAYAYAY! Wait what the actual f*ck? OMG.... I think I have a crush...

*skip classes*

"hey Niall... Heheheh" I say Weakly to Niall "Ello Mate!" this made me blush! I could see him blushing aswell. I started laughing like no one was there. I got nervous and Niall said "Want to.... hang out x-o?" I replied "Yes! I mean.. Sure sounds cool maybe at Starbucks?" Niall said "Sounds great! Can I..... have your phone number..?" I say "sure why not?! :D"



Authors note: Hope some people liked it! If u read this TYSM ILYSM!


~Krystal xxx

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