Once Upon A Breakfast Cereal

Once upon a breakfast cereal, there was a girl and a boy. They were different, but different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. They had a simple love story, one that would be silly and obvious to the reader, but sweet and bitter for the poor couple involved. Short Story.


1. Once Upon A Breakfast Cereal

Samantha Curtis was your typical American white girl. She came from a good family, and had an older brother and a young sister. She was smart, but not too smart to be considered a nerd, and played softball on the local team. Not only that, but she had good things in her future. Her parents could afford to send her to college, and everyone was seemingly nice to her.

Dante Alloy, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky. He was a black boy with long dark hair that he braided, and constantly got made fun of for it, but he didn't care. That was his signature look, and it was the most important thing to him. He lived in a home where his parents were too busy at work to pay him any mind. He was smart, so school was never a favorite pass time. It seemed like the only thing he had going for him was his ability to play sports and his old family piano. He was a nobody, and as most people would say, good for nothing. Nobody needed a sporty piano player.

It was March when these two people found themselves sitting next to each other in the school cafeteria. Samantha was doing her best to ignore him, and just eat her food, but she saw something that caught her eye. He's eating her favorite cereal. It was sudden thought. Something simple, but so true.

How can a bad person love lucky charms? she thought. It's not possible. It's just not humanly possible.

Of course, like everyone, she'd heard stories of the black boy with long braided hair. He was no good. He was rude, and he didn't talk or do homework. He had talent, but no social skills. He wasn't funny, and there was a rumour that he was a drug dealer. In short, he wasn't the boy that Samantha Curtis was interested in hanging out with, but...seeing him up close gave her a different feeling.


     It was the most random and crazy thing to Dante. He was used to people ignoring him, but the girl next to him turned and smiled at him. She had dirty blonde hair, and sweet blue eyes. "Hi, I'm Samantha," she said. Dante narrowed his eyes at her. Girls like her didn't talk to guys like him.

"Hello," he said back, trying to keep the conversation short and polite.

The girl frowned at his lack of an entertaining response, so she tried again. "I see you're eating lucky charms. Those are my favorite."

Again, Dante didn't know what to say. "You gonna try and take em?" he aked, sizing her up. The girl, Samantha, giggled, uncomfortable.

"No! It's just...that's a really good cereal brand."

Dante raised an eyebrow at the girl. Was she serious? "That's all you have to say?"

Samantha shrugged, her face getting red. She looked back down at her breakfast, and picked at her food, not hungry anymore. She should have never even tried. It was so stupid of her. With that, she left, but she didn't forget. While she felt embarrassed, she didn't want to give up on him. He can't be a bad person if he likes Lucky Charms, she thought.


     The couple talked again the next week. Samantha was sitting in the same seat, calming eating some toast and reading a book when Dante sat next to her. She didn't look up, thinking it was someone else, so he spoke to her. "Lucky Charms is also my favorite cereal," he admitted. Samantha's eyebrows furrowed and she looked over at him.

For a moment, she was confused, and then she smiled. Dante's heart fluttered. It was nice to be remembered, acknowledged.

"You can't be a bad guy if you love lucky charms," she said. She glanced down at her book, and for a moment Dante thought she was going to go back to it, but she closed it, and set it aside. "I'm Samantha," she greeted, holding out her hand.

"Dante," he said. He was hesitant to touch her, afraid she wouldn't like it, but she grabbed his hand instead and gave it a firm shake. She smiled, and they lapsed into a friendly silence for the rest of the time. Dante ate peacefully and Samantha read. Then they went their separate ways, knowing deep down that this encounter wasn't going to be the last.


     It became a regular thing. Dante would sit by her once a week, and they'd chat for a little bit before lapsing into a comfortable silence.

Though, over time, once a week turned into once a day, and once a day turned into twice a day, at breakfast and at lunch. People noticed, and people talked. Samantha cared at first, so she began to distance herself, and Dante, as smart as he was, noticed. He didn't say anything about it when she didn't show up at lunch or breakfast, or when she sat other tables.

He minded, but would never tell her that.

Little to his knowledge, she felt the same way. Samantha found it hard to enjoy lunch or breakfast without him, without their chats. She loved his company, despite what people said. He was funny. He was smart, in fact her grades had never been better because he was there to help her out, and give her advice, answer her questions.

Her parents thought Dante was a terrible influence at first. Being the gossipy mother Samantha's mom was, she wasn't happy to find out that she was hanging out with the school drug dealer. She had a hard time getting her parents to realize they were wrong, but finally meeting Dante did the trick. He had good manners for a boy of his kind, her mother had said. Her father was impressed with his knowledge of sports. Her parents liked him.

His parents, though, liked her from the very start. His parents adored her and her manners. They just thought she was the cutest thing. They would have more to say, though, if they weren't constantly doing other things, if they constantly weren't home. Dante's brothers, Jamal and Luther, also adored her. She was sweet, and they liked the affect she had on their little brother.

By summer time, they were practically best friends. When senior year rolled by they were planning their wedding. Eventually, despite their skin color and talents they found their happily ever after, even if only for a moment.

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