Alaina, was the smart and weird girl. She was also pretty and her personality, everyone loved. That is except Denim...

Denim, despite his weird name, was a pretty nice and cool guy. Though, he always had a hatred towards Alaina at first meeting. Showing his mean, "Bad-ass" type of attitude, she got the message, which she had no problem sending the hate right back.

But when they both find out that their family is best friends with each other, they end up getting stuck together in a hotel room while the two families are on vacation all together. As it's a vacation for the rest, it's no vacation for Alaina, let alone Denim...

Read on with their life and how they try to kill each other one step at a time though, maybe leading them to even find love.


1. "It can't be! It must be! Idiot Love.."

C H A P T E R    O N E



"Alaina! Slow down!" Called Ariel, my best friend. She kept yelling at me for the past twenty minutes to slow down, as we were running outside for gym. I always just kept laughing. It wasn't my fault she wasn't as fit as me. But then again, we are total opposites. Her opinion of "Working out" is shopping for 3 hours. As for me, working out is actually going bike riding or for a daily jog.


As I continued at the same rate, she still was behind, huffing away. Man, this was truly sad... My heart couldn't go on, so I stopped and waited for her huffing self to come up. She placed her elbow on my shoulder, trying to catch her breath. As she did so, I just shook my head.


"Hey, it's not my fault my body doesn't approve of hard exercising..." She said, in between breaths.


"Bitch, this isn't close to even "Hard Exercising" You're truly pathetic.." I grumbled, sometimes I hate that she thinks everything is hard. Sure, it is, but yet she complains so much. Maybe once in a while but not every god damn time.


"Stop being such a jerk.." She mumbled


"Come on, let's go back to running.." I tried to change the subject.


"One minute girl, good god.. I'm still trying to catch my breath."


"Though I stopped and I have enough air left for the mile." I stared at her, she began glaring at me, but got off my shoulder and nodded. I began a slow jog, Ariel was able to keep up. I went a bit faster as a minute pasted, so did she. I kept continuing, going faster and faster. As Ariel was keeping up, I could still hear her now incoming pants and huffs. I rolled my eyes, "You okay?" I questiond


"Yeah, Can we take a break?"


"Nope." I grinned, I continued running until I hit the track finish line, marking my 21st lap. Ariel passed marking her 7th lap. I slowed down into a walk as Ariel did the same.


We began talking about what ever, when my eye saw Denim and Anna. I pointed to them and Ariel laughed.


"Wow, nice couple.." She smirked


They grabbed hold of hands and Denim kissed Anna's cheek, making her blush. Anna and Denim were both stupid. They always had to have a relationship and their grades in school, surprised me on how they even got to the 10th grade.


I turned my head to Ariel, ready to make my dramatic scene..


"It can't be!" I low screamed, putting my hand on my forehead and leaning on Ariel's shoulder. Ariel began to smile.. "It must be!!!..." I made the moment live on, "Idiot love!"


She and I busted out laughing, which got Anna and Denim's attention. We obviously ignored them and continued walking, still silently laughing about them two.










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