Where Do Broken Hearts Go?


1. One

Harrys POV

We were in the studio practicing for our first concert of the tour and we were interrupted by a short, cute girl. She walked in and handed me a pocket knife. "Keep that away from me Harry." She said. She looked like she was trying not to cry. She gave me a really warm hug. I hugged her back and whispered, "I promise I will sweetheart." and kissed the top of her head. Four girls walked in. "Sam! Simon's trying to tell us what to do." She let go of me and turned around. She had "1D" tattooed on the back of her neck. It said something underneath it but I couldn't tell what it was. She grabbed a skateboard from the girl in stripes and all five of them skated down the hall. Simon came running in and took Liam's water bottle. "Please round them up. They need to start writing." "We don't wanna." Niall said lazily. Sam came running back in. "BTW Harry, I took your phone. Gotta catch me if you want it back." Then she ran away. I playfully glared at her and then ran after her. The guys followed. I finally caught her. The guys ran back in. "What's written under 1D?'" I asked and turned her back around. Saved Me. It said 1D Saved Me. "How did we save you?" "I'm alive because of you." She answered and then ran. Why'd I let go of her? I ran after her. I finally caught her and swung her over my shoulder. I walked back into the studio and set her down. "Gimme my phone." She smirked. "Where is it?" She giggled. "I don't have it!" "Are you ticklish?" I smirked. Her eyes practically popped out of her head. I tickled her til' she was on the ground. "I never took it." She laughed. I felt the outside of my pocket. I got up and held out my hand. "What's your favorite 1D song?" I asked. "Now I'm searchin' every lonely place. Every corner callin' out your name. Tryin' to find you but I just don't know-"  "Where do broken hearts go?" I joined in. "It's catchy." She smiled. "You're short." Niall said. "You're Irish." She responded. Niall looked confused. "As long as were pointing out the obvious." She continued. Niall sat on the couch and pouted. "Bunch of Peter Pans." She walked out. I followed. We walked into a dance studio. The other four girls were skating around. Sam grabbed a skateboard and joined them. A Little Mix song started playing and then Zayn ran in. Sam got off her skateboard and handed Zayn a skateboard. He gladly took it and started skating around. Sam handed me one and then got back on hers. I have no idea how to do this. She giggled. "Think of a banana." She said. Oh. Ok. Now it's easy. I got the hang of it pretty fast. The rest of the guys came in. DNA came on. They sang along to it. Not bad. Sam can seriously whale. She's pretty. She caught me staring at her and winked. I smirked a little. "Sam! He's calling again." One of them called. Her expression dropped. she tossed the phone. I answered."Who is this?" "Who is this?!?!" Oh. A douche bag. This will be fun. "I'm Sam's boyfriend. Who are you?!?!" I asked him."She's moved on....Promise me something?" "What?" I winked at Sam. "Keep her happy. Buy her flowers and take her dancing. She love dancing. Also, help her meet 1D." He said. I chuckled. "I'll try." I hung up the phone and tossed it back over to the girl. She held her hand up. My phone! "How did you...?" "Magic!" She giggled. "Or maybe I lied..." Oh....that was my wallet. Simon came in. "That's not what I meant....." I laughed and grabbed Sam. I swung her over my shoulder and walked out of the room. I walked over to a storage closet and set her down. I stared at her for a while. I know that sounds creepy but, there's something about her. She stared right back. I noticed her wrist. I took the pocket knife out of my pocket. I opened the window that was next to us and threw it out. I took her hand and lead her back to the dance studio. "Why don't you girls show us what you can do." Liam said. They all looked at each other. Sam pulled a remote out of her pocket and put on Madhouse by Little Mix. Damn that girl can move......I bit my lip.....The guys had their mouths dropped open.....Something about her.....

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