Forgotten Friends...



1. Chapter 1- the flashback

first day of 6th grade

Chase's POV

I walked into the double doors leading to my misery of transferring school for Middle school. No friends and really nothing. The commons was full of paper airplanes flying, Jocks pushing each other, girls giggling, and people checking their social media accounts. So basically typical high school. And of course accompanied by the awkward 6th graders, Strange 7th graders, and overly confident 8th graders.  It seemed like everyone had a group of people to socialize with.. everyone but me. But then I saw her. A girl wearing a COD hoodie with no one around her. She saw me looking and smiled and signaled for me to come over to her. Of course I did. "Hey I'm Amber!" she held out her hand, I shook it, "I'm Chase!" I replied sitting on the floor against the wall. "I like your shirt." she said... I was wearing a GTA shirt, "And I like your hoodie!" And that there was the start of our friendship.

 *Some Random 7th Grade Day*

"Dammit Chase I was going to shoot them!" Amber yelled as I laughed killing more zombies. WE were sitting on my bed in my pathetic room, the walls covered in Video Game posters... cliché I know. "Amber! I am not a flipping zombie! shoot them" I shouted over the loud music playing in my room and of course the sound of guns from the TV. My mom came in the door, "Amber are you staying the night again? It's already 8pm." she said. Amber replied with her eyes still glued to the game, "Yeah sure!" mom closed the door and Amber's character started stabbing mine. "HEY!" I yelled laughing. "DIE YOU ZOMBIE KILL STEALER!" we both started laughing till our bodies couldn't help it anymore. We played for a few more hours... "Children it is 11pm get to bed!" My mom came in right as I was screaming, "DIE ZOMBIE SCUM!" Amber and I frowned but we turned off the game. "I got more kills than you!" I teased. She punched my arm lightly. I made a pouty face and she laughed. I hopped off my bed and pulled out the roller mattress my mom had there for guests. "Why thankyou kind peasant!" She said as I laughed and bowed down. "Now bitch get off my bed!" I said and she laughed and hopped onto her make shift bed. I got under the warm covers and turned off my light. "Night Fire head..." I said to her, "Night Idiot!" she said giggling. Then I soon slowly drifted off to sleep.

*Last day of eighth grade*

"Ugh Amber I don't want you to leave..." I said hugging her. "Flight 234 to Los Angeles California is now boarding!" The intercom said. "Don't worry I might come back some day..." She said leaving the hug. "Amber come on!" her dad said. "Bye Fire Head..." I said glumly, "Bye idiot..." she put a pathetic sad smile and hugged me once more. Then she turned and walked towards the boarding line. She looked back and waved and I waved back. My mom side hugged me and we walked away. Leaving my only... best... friend behind... probably never to see Fire Head again.



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