I Am Allie

Allie Springs, after finishing up 8th grade, comes down with an illness called Schizophrenia. She can not tell the difference between reality and fantasy. She has been having hallucinations that aren't really there, disorganized speech where she says her words out of order, and lack of senses. Will this nightmare ever come to an end?


1. Overreact

I am getting tired of the predictions of sicknesses I could have. I probably have the Cold or something small like that. My parents are overreacting. Sitting in the very pale orange room of the hospital I have a thought. I thought about the possibilities of sicknesses I could have.The possibilities are endless. Mom and Dad look worried, but they have been worried for the past two weeks. I have tried to calm them down, but that doesn't last. It isn't the first time I have had hallucinations.My parents say it is not normal to hallucinate in the middle of the day, but don't we all hallucinate when we dream.We fall asleep and wake up in a alternative universe, but then we wake up. Maybe we wake up from fear of the dreams outcome, but maybe we wake up because our alarm clock is beeping to get ready for school. I have dreams every day, but mine are not when I am sleeping so what is the difference. I am Allie. I dream in the day and wake up from fear. I fear I will not be able to see the world without thinking it is full of illusions. I am Allie. 

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