It will never end...

Just think of it as an amazing SciFi action book... if ya don't like it sorry..


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Kahlest's POV
Another explosion of blue flames. I felt the heat scorch my bruised skin. I tried to scream in pain but my lungs were dry and just a breath of tinted grey air escaped my cracked lips. I was running and as I tried to run away from the flames I fell hitting the hard ground. My ankle felt like someone cut if off and failed at sewing it back on. I rolled onto my back. I could see the smoke filled night sky... The treetops were emitting a blue glow from the flames. The sound of my friends screams filled my ears, some were slowly coming to a stop... I'm guessing they are dead by now. What is the point of getting up and running anymore? We tried our hardest to rebel but clearly failed. I am better off dieing here... right now. Just let The fire consume my meaningless efforts of safety to this planet. Another explosion went off, this time it was near me. It caused my body to fly across about 25 feet. A sharp pain went through my head as it collided with a rock. I coughed releasing a mixture of blood and stomach acid. I havent eaten anything for days. There was really nothing on the ship we highjacked... Great job at picking. Flames were building around me. I had no control over my limp body, so whats the point of worrying if the flames engulf me? Why not just let the flames release me of the pain, the memories, the nightmares that never stop, the government trying to control us... Faded screams filled the so called empty space that the roar of the fire didnt. I felt a sense of euphoria flush my body... my eyelids getting heavier. Their was an explosion in the distant.. followed by a fresh group of blood-curdling screams. All of our efforst to save this dreaded planet.. ruined. I was about to let go of all of my life... just let myself sleep and never wake up... let that blue light remove my existence, but a boy's face appeared in front of mine... right above it. His face was covered in dirt, ash and blood... my vision was blured so i could not work out certain features, but he is definitly a boy. Probably about my age...16. His eyes were full of terror, he started yelling something that sounded more like a whisper to my ears. "Stay with me! Guys this one is still alive!" Barely.. i knew he understood i didnt have a lot of life left. Another face appeared... Well more like a face engulfed into a helmet. "Open up her mouth!" I could tell the voice belonged to a woman... probably about 20. "Hurry Alec we don't have much time!" she said, Alec had a look of worry flood his face. I could barely feel my mouth being pryied open.. What is happening? The Woman pulled out a Glass flask filled with a glowly purple fluid. She poured it into my mouth... I instanly felt like I was alive. I still was bruised and couldnt move but i could talk and see clearly. "Can you hear us?" the woman said. "Yes!" i replied. "Are you able to move or get up?" The Alec kisd asked. "No I-i can't" I said with a wave of panic relizing i actually had no control. "Let's get her to the trucks Alec!" the woman said. The boy picked me up and the woman blew some sort of whistle... more teens appeared about my age again... covered in shit. They were carrying more of my friends. "LOAD EM UP!" the woman said. By now i am guessing she is some sort of leader. They all started sprinting... Including ALec, following the woman. Some of the Teens were wearing armor and some were wearing just regular clothes... Alec was wearing armor. I looked up to see he now had a helmet covering is head. About three trucks came into sight. The woman got into the front and the Teens loaded into the back of one. All of us who were unable to move were placed in seats and the put the seat belt bar thing over us. They simply grabbed ropes on the ceiling. As the truck started to move I felt my head start pounding, my pulse increasin, my vision blured... Alec noticed something was going on, "Hey are you OK" i shook my head and... Black.

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