But They Don't Exist

They don't exist. They only live in the fairytales and young ones imagination.

I think not.

And they are here to save Earth from their biggest threat...


1. Chapter 1


“Can you name me an animal?” A soft voice sliced through the chatter, but only one hand piped up.

“Dragons... Right?” She asked, her naive voice etched in desperation to impress. Too many fat little fingers had pointed and too many tinkling voices had laughed. With a grim determination scribbled over her petite face, she jutted her chin out.

“Um, sweetie, Dragons don’t exist.” Giggles rocketed around the classroom as heartbroken tears began to stream down her red cheeks.

“But...” Her pride lost on the wind, she snuffled, trying to tame her disappointment.

“How about somebody else name me an animal?” Fists shot into the sky and a boy stood up, pointedly facing the girl.

“A dog is an animal.” Smirking he added, “Not a Dragon, everyone knows that.” Turning his back, he basked in his friends cheers.

“Dragons are real.” She muttered, her tiny hands clenched into balls. Clambering upon the nearest table she placed both hands on her hips and tilted her head back.

“I call upon the fire,

The strength and power,

To prove that I am no liar,

You live,

You fly,

And own the night,

Come to me,

Make them see.”


A low whistle circled around the room, picking up papers and silencing any controversy. Blanketed into darkness, a shadow loomed over the room and she hopped off the table rushing towards the window, pressing her cold nose against it.

“He’s here.” Rushing outside, warmth swamped into her heart as gasping children huddled by the door.

“But...” Perching on his back she addressed the crowd.

“They don’t exist.” She spoke, grasping the saddle. Whooshing off into the clouds she never glanced back. She didn’t belong there, she was a born rider. She smiled as her true friends appeared beside her, flying upon their own Dragons. Diving down, rolls of mountains and green green grass stretched from miles on end. A flash of orange glinted in the corner of her eye and a voice of friendship made her feel at home.

“Hi Jess, the Dragon Rider.”




Check out DragonSoulJess who is the inspiration (and main character) for my short story!

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