Spotlight: A Game of Life or Death

Fifteen were marked out for murder. Six made it to safety.


1. The One and Only Chapter; The Last Chapter of My Life

My brother, three of our friends and I got out of our car and walked into my school. It was the evening. We made our way to the hall, and showed a man in a suit our invitations to proceed inside. There were four tables set out, forming a square. We each found our place, which were marked out by little bits of card with our names on them, and sat down. There were fifteen of us kids. none of us knew why we were here. Some of us, like my brother and one of our friends, didn’t even go to this school anymore because they had graduated. Each of the tables sat five. At one of the four tables five adults sat. Two of them were teachers, one was the school principal, then there was his wife, a horrible looking woman who reminded me of the woman from 101 dalmations. The last of these was a young woman who I had never seen before, she looked quite unhappy. once everyone was seated, the principle rose and started speaking. But the unmistakable sound of a door closing and a key turning in its lock made me turn round. The man at the entrance had locked us in.

“Welcome, welcome. I think I should start off by introducing the lovely people I have here with me. As most of you will already know, this is Mr Scott.” -The man at the end of the table stood up. He was mousy haired, and wore glasses- “He teaches maths at this school. Then we have Mr King,” -The man next to Mr Scott stood up as Mr Scott sat down.- “He teaches P.E. And this is my wife, Mrs Barone,” -The woman stood up with a smile that was more of a leer- “ and this is my daughter, Eliza.” -Eliza nodded her head gracefully.- “Eliza is going to start teaching English here this year.

“Well, you’re probably all wondering what you’re all doing here. You were all hand picked because of your ability to think, to understand things, to read between the lines. But thats all I say for now! I say food before talk. Enjoy!” Mr Barone gestured towards a table against the wall, covered in food.

We all got up in an orderly fashion and went to fill our plates. As I was going back to the main tables I passed Jake (my brother).

“Well, this is interesting.” he said in a low voice to me.

“I don’t like this Jake. They locked us in.”

“Yeah, I know. Hope we get out of this alive, eh?” I could see the twinkle in his eyes, making it obvious that he was joking. It relaxed me.

I was one of the first to sit back down, the person beside me had already eaten a mouthful. I was about to do the same when suddenly Eliza stood up and screamed


Mr Barone was up in a flash and had his hand over his daughters mouth. Then thought better of this and let go of his daughter, saying “Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s poison, Eliza.”

This would have been a pretty bad cover up even if the person next to me hadn’t been rapidly turning purple and at this moment slumped sideways in their chair. I quickly looked over to Jake. My heart soared with relief as I saw that his food looked quite untouched. I glanced around at all my friends as well. Rosa, Jack, Tom and Lucy were all fine. Mr Barone didn’t see to notice this though, and went back to his chair. As he did so, he pulled his jacket strait, causing a shiny black pistol to slip from inside his jacket. He pretended this hadn’t happened, hoping no one had seen. Meanwhile, another person was rapidly turning purple. Eliza was still frozen where she stood. Then suddenly and swiftly, a person near the head table ducked under the table and slid along the floor, grabbing the pistol.

Everyone was running everywhere. The guy with the pistol shot at the lock on the doors, and with a lot of banging and shoving the doors swung open. We raced out. It was night now, we were all sprinting across the sports field to get out of the school in the dark. But suddenly there was light. Torch light, coming from behind us. I tried to dodge the beams but suddenly I was caught. I heard a gunshot and dived randomly. I felt the bullet skin my back. The shooter must have thought they had got me because suddenly I was in the dark again. I scrambled up and continued my wild dance through the beams. I saw a lump in the grass ahead of me. Oh no, please don’t be dead. But they weren’t dead. They were groaning, and as I got closer, I saw that their leg was covered in blood. I grabbed the persons arms and I got caught in a beam. The person I was trying to save was a girl.

“Shhhhhh” I hissed at her and dragged her behind a bush. Suddenly the bush was in full light. I threw myself on top of the girl and tried to hide as best I could. There were some horrible seconds that felt like hours where we held our breath as the guard walked closer. It was like I could smell the murder on him. Then, miraculously, the light went away and and I breathed again, but I didn’t dare move. As I lay there I realised how much my body ached and how fast and loud my heart was beating. I thought about what to do next. Get to the car. I looked up and saw I had quite a clear view to the road in front. There were black cars a little way down the road that weren’t there before. If we went back to the car we would just be chased down. Then I remembered I had a friend who lived near here. I could run to her place. So I covered the girl with leaves (it was the best I could do for her) and resumed my frolic among the beams. At every person I met I hissed at the to follow me. We made it out to the road, and I saw Jake and Jack getting into the car, unaware of the cars stationed to chase. I tried to scream the danger to them.

“JAKE! NO! YOU’LL BE CHASED!” But they didn’t hear me. my screaming gave our position away so I had to tear myself away and lead my group of people in a sprint down the road. I allowed myself to glance back once at the road to see a black car chasing them, shooting from the window, getting one of their tires. I shoved the image out of my mind and lead the group on. So I found myself leading a group of people I didn’t know down a dark road away from murder. We ran down the road then came near the school grounds again. I saw a light moving. I stopped suddenly and flung out my arm to halt the others. Then I proceeded cautiously and looked around the side of a building. It looked like the people with torches and guns were looking through the whole school. I signalled to the others to keep following me in the opposite direction. We would have to take the long way round. We jogged around and thankfully didn’t meet anyone on the way. But as we were running up to the house we heard people in the street back by the main road. I sprinted up to a window of the basement that I knew to always be open, and everyone jumped in. No time for politely knocking on the door and waiting to be let in. The window was a one sided window and I watched through it was the guards approached the house. They knocked on the door and asked if there was any of us in the house. My friends mother said no. I looked down at the group I had brought with me. There were less than I thought, Only five. Out of fifteen of us marked out for murder only six of us had made it to safety.

After we watched them go we went up the living room and showed ourselves. I think we gave her family a heart attack. There was hugs all round and we told them what had happened. When I came to the bit in my story about screaming at Jake I got all choked up and couldn’t continue. The people I had lead here were Holly, Hannah, Lily, Marcie and Joseph. We all agreed that we should border up the entrance we came in by until the police had sorted the matter out. Partly to get away from everyone so I could worry about Jake in peace, I volunteered to do this. But there was a guard crouching in the basement. I ran at him and brought a blank of the wood I was border the window up with hard upon his head. But before he was knocked out, he shot. I gasped as I felt the bullet entering my stomach. As I fell I prayed that if Jake was dead I would be with him, or if he was still alive no harm would come to him, so my death wouldn't be in vain.





This short story is based on a bad dream I had last night. Hope you enjoyed it :)

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