Soul Mates? (one direction fan-fiction)

19 year old Grace's life is turned upside down when her family is killed in a car accident that she survived and has to live with the scares and memory of what happened that day. On the anniversary of there deaths everything changes for her she sees once who she thought her soul mate was and he asked her to be his girlfriend.


1. The Past


Hey my name is Grace my best friend is Montanna we go to the same school and are in the same classes and we are 19 years old. Year 12 in high school in Australia. I have natural blonde hair and hazel-blue eyes, I'm around 5.6" and am very active and skinny but not like a stick I still have curves. Montanna has brown hair with highlights and green eyes, and basically the same as me except for facial features and different but yet same sort of styles and tastes.

Grace's P.O.V

It was just an average day at school except most of our teachers were on strike, so we had our English teacher all day. We were supposed to have some "special" guests I wasn't really in the mood.

Montanna's P.O.V

Most of the day Grace has been down. I know why she is because on this same day 2 years ago she lost her mum, dad and brother. She has to live with the scars from that day not only physically but mentally and the memory of that day. what happened on that day has scared Grace; okay so what happened that day,

*Flash Back*

Grace's parents had come and picked her and her brother up from school early to go to a party. On the way back home a drunk driver had hit the car front on and killed her mum and dad instantly, her brother died on the way to the hospital. Grace was in a coma for 2 months now she is better but unfortunately still has nightmares of that night and scars that remind her.

*Flash Back Over*

Grace's P.O.V

Okay so now its third period of the day and it is supposed to be fun, but I just want to go somewhere, by myself to draw and listen to music. I'm just sitting here with Montanna in class when out of know where all the girls started screaming except for Montanna and I, it was One Direction. I just grabbed my drawing book, phone, pencil case and went up to the front of the class room and asked the teacher if I could go outside, she said I could. So I walked out and leaned against a wall and slid down it until I was sitting on the ground. Then I put my earphones in to drown out the screaming girls and started to draw. Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of One Direction and it's a privilege to have them come to the school but I'm just not in the mood for screaming girls; Even the guys came out and went to the library, there were only six guys out of a class of twenty-eight. Eventually Montanna came out she was never really a big fan though, she came over and sat next to me and I just stopped drawing and leant my head on her shoulder and started crying. Montanna hugged me and comforted me and let me cry into her shoulder.     


Hi everyone I haven't been on here in a while and I haven't written anything either so I wrote this and I hope that you like give me a like and a fav if you do and I'll try to update more often if school doesn't get over whelming. Also leave a comment down the bottom and tell me what you think.



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