Be Ma girl


1. The Past is not in the Past

                                                     Chapter 01

                                           The past is not in the past



Ella's Point Of View

"so the princess lived happily ever usual" I said as I closed the book I was reading. I poured some water to a cup and went back to my room, sat in a chair as I took a photo of my dead mom and looked at it. I couldn't stop the tear coming from my eye,it went sliding on my cheek and dried because of the strong wind blowing from the fan.I kept the photo away and opened my drawer and took out an I-pod out and played a song.

I can still remember as if it happened yesterday ,the memory behind this song. This memory has a touch of pleasure and happiness but it was the saddest day of my life.

One day when I was 9 years old, I went to the Zoo with my mother. Then I saw something sparkling on the floor about a meter away,  mom was on a phone call. I went to pick the shiny thing up but when I got closer it was only a silver toffee wrapper. When I looked back , mom was not there. It took me a only a few seconds to know that I was lost,I walked but couldn't find my mother. All the people went pass me knocking on me, pushing me. So I sat on a bench weeping ,calling out for mom. When I was loosing hope a boy came near me and he took his headphones which was around his neck and put it on my head which cover my ears and filled with music. There was a song playing. <It was the song that I am listening to now>

Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain,
I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days.

She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones,
It seems to me that when I die these words will be written on my stone.

And I'll be gone gone tonight
The ground beneath my feet is open wide
The way that I been holdin' on too tight
With nothing in between...

wiping off my tears I smiled and I looked at the him.To my eyes he looked like a guardian angel who came to save me. He smiled and took hold of my hand "don't cry..". I took the headphones and gave it back to him "don't cry.. many girls think they are pretty when they cry but really it's not true." It was funny how little words from him comforted me

I smiled "thank you". He got up "come let's find your mother" he said to me reaching out his hand "but how did you..?". "aah, that? I heard you crying calling out your mom" I took his hand and we started going . I couldn't control myself staring at him as we walked , he smiled "I know that I'm really handsome,but stop looking, It's kinda awkward. Don't worry we will find your mom" . I felt shy "I-I was not looking.." "But how old are you?" It just slipped out of my mouth because I wanted to change the subject.

He stopped "I'm 13 and you?" "I'm 9" I replied. "so you are only 4 years younger than me?" . He bent down and tied my shoe lace and looked at me. Both of us were gazing at each others eyes for a few seconds. for a second I felt my heart beating fast , I felt as if time has stopped. All I saw  was nothing but him . Suddenly  then we snapped out of it ."ehm.." we coughed a little, and raised himself up. It was really awkward,. Both of us continued walking looking forward

" what is your name?" he asked,." I'm El.." . My mother came running before I could tell my name. I felt really releaved to see her. "I thought I lost you" She said and hugged me tight. Our hands were separated. My mom took me and started going. I looked back at him, he waved, I smiled.

But It didn't feel right, I turned my head and looked back then he was gone,I  stopped and turned my whole self and looked "what are you looking for?" my mom questioned "oh? nothing.." Was he really an angel? can't be. I started asking myself ,  I and my mom got onto the car. I was still thinking about him . anyway, we were going back happily cracking jokes but the smile on our faces didn't last long. A drunk man hit our  car and we crashed before we couldn't even notice the car coming , everything happened as fast as a blink of an eye.

All of a sudden I  heard my phone ringing, I came back from my memories and answered,"Where are you??" my father asked "Oh dad I'm at home" - "okay,I'm at the coffee shop now , you wanna come this way and give me a hand" "yeah dad" I replied and hung up the phone call, took my jacket and ran out.

Louis's POV

I was sitting in the couch and thinking about how I followed the girl until she was gone. I can still feel my  heart " the same feeling" , I thought of how empty I felt after she was gone, how much my heart wished to meet her again . I felt that I should take a walk,to get things up. My manager came. Though I told her that I really want to go for a walk , she refused to let me out. She can't cage me . Just because I was too popular, she was afraid that I will get into trouble. Actually because of my lousy luck I always gets into trouble when I go out alone. Until now I am being caught to many fake scandals. I'm even called 'The trouble maker of Hollywood'. Badly my fans loved it more.

I agreed to her because I can never win arguing with her . But.. A bulb flashed in my head. I told Amelia that I wants a cup of coffee. She tried to tell the maid but I said " I want to taste your coffee, It really makes my day." Just as expected she smiled and went to the kitchen, after she went to the kitchen I quickly put on my red hoody jacket, grabbed my bag and wore a pair of spectacles to disguise myself. Trust me I'm handsome even with the weird nerdy look and I went out. I took the back door out,because the CCTV is broken and the man who's making it is gonna come in 2 hours. I climbed onto the tree near the walls and I saw a girl down in the other side of the wall, I felt a little familiar with her . She looked up , unbalanced I fell off the wall, knocking her to the ground with him.

We were laying sprawled together for a moment. The moment is marked by a shower of flower petals from the tree in my house. we got up and looked away awkwardly. I dusted off my shoulders and went to grab my bag without even speaking a word, "you!" I heard behind me " won't you at least say a sorry, wait.. but what were you doing there?" I turned back and looked at her.

Ella's POV

I found him suspicious. Hey this is fun , me on a criminal case? so I intended to call out the house owners on him — he’s stealing goods and trying to escape over the wall. He came and covered my mouth with his hand. I pushed him and wiped my lips off . he started stuttering a lame excuse "I-I was j-just looking for an exit". I looked up at the wall. I'm sure he understood that I meant "seriously?"

When he grabbed his bag up, though, everything comes tumbling out — I-pod, hand phone , camera , money , a book and a wig. Whoa. That really proved that he was a thief. But he seems kinda familiar , . I put that criminal-busted face on him. But still he fumbles for yet another excuse,this got boring so I screamed, “Thief!”. After about a one and a half seconds some men dressed in black coats came to our side, I called them "Here.."

To my surprise he grabbed my hand and ran, Not what I really expected. I expected some begging on knees or something. However we escaped the black gorillas after a long run. I didn't wanna stop making fun of this not-sure-whether-thief. I still intended to report him to the police. "okay the lets go to the police station" ws his sudden reply . Well I didn't see that one coming. So we went to the police station. After we went I started to have second thoughts because the police station looked scary enough for me to be afraid.

He grabbed my arm and took me near the cop and says."Hey, I haven't given you any permission to touch me and I ain't gonna give in the future, well if we only meet" He looked at me and turned to the cop , he looked as if he was about to self confess "she's a stalker". Omg. Did he just back stab me? "what the-you take it back!!" I screamed at him."Officer you're not dum enough to believe him right??". Well I regretted adding the 'dum' part to the sentence

Well as suspected my crazy looking wavy hair and the way I was dressed made me look like a stalker. "No, officer. He is lying we are here to complain about HIM. He is the bad guy" I tried to explain. well just as in movies the cop did not trust the innocent person before I could explain the situation I was taken inside the temporary cage , I guess that's what it's called , right?

He smirked and put out his tongue at me. I can guess he was telling- serves you right or Bye..bye

"Tell me, how can I get contact of your parents? Do they know that you are doing all this?" , The officer asked while eating a doughnut. "Ugh! of course they don't because I don't do it!" well it seemed of no use. It looked like all my I'm-innocent points went through his ear and out the other. Also I had second thoughts of giving him dad's number to . He would totally go crazy after looking at his daughter in Jail. But I had no choice "Its +1 xxx xxx xxx" I spat the number out with a HUGE hesitation though. The officer called him. By the way , did I mention that my dad is super fast when it comes to a matter about me?. Dad appeared in the police station in less than 15 minutes. "Daddyyyyy" I put up the puppy dog face. I normally do it for cash. who knew that I'm gonna use it in jail? 

Louis's POV

"Haha took care of that easily. sooo where should I start my journey from?" I started off as I put my headphones on. Well the day went cool I went everywhere that Amelia prohibited me to go - To carnivals , middle-class cafeteria, parks and then to the zoo. I looked at the places that we walked holding hands .It seemed as if our traces were still there. Those images of us walking appeared in front me as I smiled alone thinking about it. I sat in the bench which we sat that day and kept my hand on where she sat there gazing at me with those sparkling eyes with tears streaming. "Where are you?? Don't you get how desperately I'm waiting for you?" Those words came out of my mouth unknowingly.

I went on walking as I took her hairpin out of my bag.

That day when her mom hugged her this bow shaped hairpin fell. I forgot or maybe did not want to give it back. you can call it keeping something for her memory.

Ella's POV

"Dad! for the fifth time, I didn't do anything. Do you Freaking' think I'm a stalker" I was trying to explain dad following him as he increased the pace of his steps." Do I even look like one",Dad turned and looked at me and scanned me from head to toe with that 'awkward face' and then turned to walk again."Right maybe a little" why is it so hard to get people understand me "Daddyyyyy, okay you gonna be like this?".  He stopped "I trust you honey it's just I'm worried about you. All I want is to keep you happy. I want to see you dressed in a beautiful white gown,I want to hold your hand and walk on the carpets and hand your future to the person you choose.  I will be more than happy. It will be the happiest day of my life.with that I can go to your mom peac-" I cut in before he could say something more "Its okay dad I know".

"awe. cant you hear that sound dad?" Although there was actually no sound." What sound?"he replied. I put up the Innocent face . "I think everyone else can hear my stomach growling but you."

 "Okay, 1 Hot cocoa free plus marshmallows". "Deal!" I grabbed his hand and started going. works all the time,


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