Holidays in Night Vale [Night Vale Fanfiction]

Cecil and Carlos enjoy their holidays together in Night Vale, but what happens when the weather changes drastically, and it starts to snow in their desert community?


1. Prologue

Night Vale was a quiet place, full of people and angels that don't exist and voids that filled the empty areas behind dumpsters and in the dark alleyways.

The man behind it all - all of the news updates, traffic reports, and confusion of the citizens - was the voice of Night Vale himself, Cecil Gershwin Palmer.

Cecil is neither tall nor short, not skinny nor fat. He has a face that seems vaguely recognizable, like you've seen him before but are unsure as to where or when you have witnessed this anomaly.

Cecil's voice, casting over the whole of Night Vale like a warm blanket, is creamy, putting all of the citizens in either a state of ease or panic.

Living in the desert is described by him to often be a dreary existence until the one day when the fabric of reality changes. A man shows up, a man unlike any that you could imagine, any man that anyone has ever seen before. He has teeth like a military cemetery, soft skin, and hair that is brown and curling, circling his face in a perfect frame for his sharp jawline. His name is Carlos.

Cecil, an awkward radio host, falls instantly in love with this man. He was afraid that his love was unrequited, that Carlos would never give him a passing glance.

He was wrong.

Cecil and Carlos, after being put in a multitude of life-threatening situations, realized that their time on this spinning orb is short. After all that they went through, they only wanted to see each other.

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