Do Single-sex Schools Help Pupils To Learn Better?

Are single-sex schools a good thing or a bad thing in today's society? Please give constructive criticisms and comment on your own views.


1. Do Single-sex Schools Help Pupils To Learn Better?

~~The debate “Should boys and girls be separated for their school career?” originated many years ago but it is still debated today. Single-sex schools are exactly what they sound like-separate schools for boys and girls. Like any topic, there are many pros and cons to the issue. This piece will look at both sides of the argument and by the end, I hope you will have a clear judgment on what you would prefer.
The most important thing we should consider is that many studies have shown that boys and girls do not learn in different ways, contrary to what was believed in the twentieth century. Many studies have disproved this theory and have shown that boys and girls learn in very similar ways, however it was discovered that boys are less likely to engage in activities such as poetry, classical music activities and art and girls are less likely to engage in activities such as competitive and rough sports when they are in mixed schools. In single sex schools, children are more likely to take part in these activities, especially when they are older because they do not have to worry what the opposite gender will think of them. It was also shown that boys in mixed schools were less likely to study subjects such as art, music and foreign languages and girls were less likely to study subjects like technological studies and computing than they were in single-sex schools. This could be down to the same reason-they do not feel pressure to fit in with the stereotypical things their gender should like.
When the idea of single-sex schools was developed, it was thought that they would help to reduce stereotypes about gender. This has turned out to not be the case. In fact, single-sex schools can actually make students question why they are separated from the other sex and this in turn can make them feel they are better or worse than the opposite sex. This is clearly a negative impact single-sex schools have on children. Some states in America say single-sex public schools are discriminatory and therefore they have been made illegal. 
These are the main arguments for and against single sex schools. Personally I feel single-sex schools do not make children learn better and for most areas of the academic course including science, languages, maths and expressive arts, classes should be mixed wherever possible. For areas such as Physical Education and Social Education, it may be beneficial and more convenient to both teachers and students to teach classes separated by gender, especially for certain topics such as sexual health. In Physical Education, this can be extremely beneficial as older girls may feel less self-conscious when doing physical activity when there is only girls in the room, thus encouraging more girls to participate. When students are learning sexual health, there may be certain points where it is more appropriate to split up boys and girls to cover certain topics. I feel this can benefit students as they are not missing out on any social skills while also covering topics, something that is very important in today’s society.

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