Everything Has Changed

Green eyes, Dimples, The curls are most girls dreams but for me my worst nightmare. Try being signed to the same label as your high school bully. Will Everything Change or will he still be my bully?


6. The Secret


"5,6,7,8", called the choreographer, "Great job today guys, and Holly you are improving do much!"

"Thank you Tommy" I said 

"No problem, and good job everyone else I will see you tomorrow"

       With that I grabbed my bag and walked to the recording studio where I literally ran into Harry. I was freaking out because I didn't know what to say to him. So I just decided to mumble a sorry and walk away, but Harry wanted to chat. 

"Holly wait, I want to talk about last night." That was the sentence I never wanted to hear harry say today or any other day for that matter. 

"I'm sorry Harry but I have to go, and plus I think it's better if we don't" I suggested but Harry was not taking for an answer.

"Please Holly I just want to..." Harry wasn't able to finish what he was saying because Louis came and said, 

"Hey Holly come on you're late for your recording session and Simon doesn't want to keep waiting"

      With that my conversation came to an end with Harry, for now... but I had feeling that Harry still wants to talk about our "date". I was really dreading that future conversation with Harry. On a better note though, Louis and I decided to race to the recording studio, which wasn't a very good idea because he likes to cheat. A lot. Let's just say by the end of the race, which I won, I was pushed against the wall and tickled in the side so many times. 

"Holly why are you out of breathe," questioned Liam

"Ask that cheating meanie over there" I said while pointing towards Louis

"I am not a cheating meanie" Louis argued

"Yeah sure ask that's why I have bruises all over my side"

"That was Harry not me"

"This time it actually wasn't Harry" I replied, but as soon as I said that I instantly regreated it. It was not my place to say that to his friends. I looked at all of the boys and they were confused and kind of angry. Niall looked the worst because I think he understood the most.

"Holly what do you mean "This time actually wasn't Harry" has he hurt you" Niall asked angrily 

       I looked at Harry and he looked ashamed I think, and I actually felt bad for him, shocking myself. Harry and I looked at each other and he looked a little mad that I blurted out his secret. But while we were looking at each other I guess we both decided it wasn't time to tell the entire story. Soon we will be able to tell the story, but now just isn't the right time. I just met these guys I don't want them to think of me any other way then they do now. 

"There is a huge story behind what I just said but Harry and I don't want to talk about it right now."

"Well we can respect that, for now but we would like to know soon, please" said Niall as calmly as he could

"Of course" said Harry

       A little while after that little event, Simon walked in and sent me in to record. I couldn't really focus on the task I had, but I still went on singing and didn't sound that bad.


       I can't believe Holly let that secret slip. It isn't entirely her fault it was a dark part of both of our lives, it was bound to come out. I just didn't think it would be this soon and like that. I guess tonight I will talk to her about it because this is a huge bump in the road to us being together.



      Hey guys sorry for not updating, I promise I will try and update twice a week on each of my books Everything Has Changed and You And I. Don't forget to like, comment, favorite and share this book. 






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