Everything Has Changed

Green eyes, Dimples, The curls are most girls dreams but for me my worst nightmare. Try being signed to the same label as your high school bully. Will Everything Change or will he still be my bully?


1. How it all started

Holly's P.O.V.

Junior Year:

"Good afternoon slut" Harry, my bully said while pushing me into a locker.

He didn't give me a chance to respond because he picked me back up and slammed me again against the locker. Then he slapped me, I touched my face and felt something wet. Blood? I bet he was wearing his rings today. I looked down at his hand and I saw his rings, great just great how am I going to explain this to my brother. 

"See you tomorrow slutty loser" Harry said

With that him and his friends left laughing and pointing at me. You might be wondering what I did to make him hate me so much. I honestly don't know what I did to have him hate me so much. I opened my locker to grab my makeup bag to cover up whatever Harry did to me. When I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror I saw my used to be happy sparkly blue eyes, my pale bruised face that used to be tan, and my bloody lips that used to be pale pink. I honestly miss America and my old friends there I wasn't abused by the most popular guy in school. I had the most popular guy in school practically drooling over me. 

Senior Year:

I walked into school awaiting to be beaten. But when I walked into homeroom that I have had with Harry since Junior year I didn't see him. I wonder where he is because I don't want to be surprised beaten. I was taken out of my thoughts when a bunch of girls started squealing about some new hot guy or something like that. 

"OMG Niall is totally mine" screamed this girl named Miranda I think.

"And Harry is mine" screamed Ashley

WAIT HARRY!!!!!!!! I got up and looked at Miranda's phone and saw Harry and a bunch of screaming and crying girls behind him, and standing next to him were some cute guys, DANG!!!! Their cuteeee.

"Hey loser give me back my phone before you give it a disease of yours" Squealed Miranda

Of course he would become famous, only a jerk like him would be blesses fame and fortune. Well lets see if a loser like me can be famous like a jerk like him.

Later on that day:

When I got home I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek, my dad a big hug and kiss, and my brother Matt a HUGE hug, and grabbed a cookie and ran up to my room. Now time to become famous!

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