Everything Has Changed

Green eyes, Dimples, The curls are most girls dreams but for me my worst nightmare. Try being signed to the same label as your high school bully. Will Everything Change or will he still be my bully?


4. FIrst of many dates

Holly's P.O.V.

I had to get ready for the first date I had with Harry this week, this is going to be the best week ever! not.  I started to put on some make up and curled my hair a little and got changed into a outfit i picked for tonight. I walked downstairs to wait for harry to pick me up to go to dinner and then a movie.  Lets hope the restaurant he picked is dark so I wouldn't be able to see his face at all.  I know I am very mean to him but why not he was my high school bully who is always trying to find a way to make my life miserable, so I want to make his life miserable.  It was around 5:50 pm, the monster can be here any minute...I heard a beep come from outside, I checked and saw Harry smiling and waving.  I just waved back not even smiling, The nightmares of the week has just begun. I walked outside and Harry tried to hug me but I just walked out of the way of his arms, and got in the car. Harry mumbled something and got into the car.

"Well I have the whole night planned" stated Harry

"Great, so what's the plan" I asked '

"We go to dinner and then going to the movies to watch whatever you want," Harry replied 

"Fine, Can we go now?" I asked 

"Oh sass master are we?" He said

"Just lets go," I said 

We arrived to this fancy restaurant, everyone was dressed up and so was Harry and I'm over here wearing a over sized sweatshirt that has team name on it and old ripped skinny jeans with uggs, and everyone else is wearing a dress or a suit.  

"Don't worry, I brought a dress for you, its in the back so are the heels.



I saw a dress hanging up in the back seat and some heels on the seat, How does he know my size but whatever, the dress and shoes are gorgeous, I took them and changed into the bathroom. I walked out of the bathroom and caught Harry eyeing me up and down.

"How does it look on me?" I asked 

"It looks.....Amazing on you!" He said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me to go to the front desk to get the reservation for tonight

"Last name please," The lady at the front desk said 

"Styles,"  Harry said all proper 

"Okay sir right this way," The lady said as she escorted us to our seats

"Okay Leslie will be right here to serve you in just a moment." She said 

"Okay Holly, What do you want to drink?'\"  Harry asked

"I can order my own drink but thank you though," I said

"No I am going to order it for you, What do you want?" Harry asked 

"Umm water,"  I said

Harry's P.O.V.

Wow, Holly looks so beautiful tonight, I hope she will pick me for the stage dating and I hope it would become real dating too.  

"Hello I'm Leslie and I'll be your waitress and...."She started to say until she saw me 

"Oh hey, I was wondering if you know can go on a date with me tomorrow," She asked 

"Um well can you see that I already have a date today and tomorrow," I said

"Well when you get sick of her, here's my number, I hope it will be soon," She said as she wrote down her number and handed it to me, but I just ripped it up

"Um excuse me," I said as I ripped up the napkin

"Yes sir is there something wrong?" A man in a suit said

"Are you the manager?" I asked

"Yes sir," He said

"Can we get another waiter?" he asked

Holly's P.O.V.

"Um sure," He said as he went to get another waiter

"Hello I'm your waiter Alex, What can I get for you?" He asked

"Two waters please," Harry said 

"Okay I'll be back in a moment,"  He said 

"Hey that waiter guy is kinda cute," I said smiling to see if Harry would get mad and he did his face turned red and went to ask for another waiter.

"Harry, no, I was just joking about that," I said 

"Okay never joke about that," He said relieved 

"Okay I won't," I said as awkward silence has began but soon was broke when the waiter came back 

"Two waters, are you ready to order?" He said

"Yes I would like the chicken Parmesan," I said 

"I would like the same please" Harry said "Okay the food will be ready soon," He said 

"Okay so I um have to go to the bathroom, Ill be right back," I said

"Okay be back soon," He said smiling 

"Okay,"  I said walking away 

When I walked into the bathroom, I saw Leslie in there with other waitresses

"Oh and here we have a girl who is a fake," She said 

"Oh shut up Leslie," I said 

"Oh so now the fake speaks up," She said 

I just ignore her and walked out and walked back to my table.

"Is everything okay?" He asked

"Uh yea, why?" I responded 

"You look kinda pale then usual, Are you sick?" He said 

"No, I'm fine," I replied

"Okay, they said the food will be here in like a minute'" Harry said 

The food came and everything looked delicious.

~Skip Dinner~

When we go to the movies we went to the front desk and asked for two tickets to go see "The Lazarus Effect" can I just say. I absolutely HATE scary movies. Wait I thought I was going to pick the movie.

"Harry I thought I was going to pick the movie"

"Yeah I know but I thought we would both like this movie" he said, but then he started laughing

"What's so funny?" I asked

"I just remembered this time when I was in high school"

I wonder what that memory is, and I bet it's about me.

"What is it?"

"Well," he said while sitting down in his chair in the theater," there was this really geeky girl in my school and we were learning about Stephen King, so to celebrate us finishing the unit we watched a horror movie. At least a half an hour into the movie she started crying and ran away from the classroom" Harry said with that disgusting smirk plastered in his face. That just brought back that horrible day.


"Okay class since we finished the Stephen King unit, and since Halloween is right around the corner, we are going to watch a horror movie" said Mrs.Clemmons

"Which one" shouted some dumb jock in the front of the class

"It doesn't matter which one because they're all good so be quite and just watch" Sasse Mrs. Clemmons, that's why she is my favorite teacher. But she had a really bad taste in movies, I hate horror movies, like a lot. 

"Hey dork, if you cry I will be here waiting to take some pictures" Harry said 

I absolutely hate that guy!!! But I didn't dare say something back because I didn't want an extra beating from him and his stupid friends.The movie just started and I was more nervous then ever for a couple of reasons.1 being the nightmares I will have tonight, and 2 being if I show my nerves Harry will have a new bit to use. So I decided not to even look at the screen and down at my hands until someone threw something at me so I looked up. When I did something jumped out on the screen and I screamed. Everyone looked at me and everything was overwhelming, so I ran out of the room crying. Hearing everyone's laughter.....

~Flashback over~

"Hey are you okay" Harry asked concern written all over his face.

"I'm fine" I said coldly. I remeber how Harry loved games, let's see if he likes this one. A cute guy walked into the theater and sat down right next to me. This is going to be easier than I thought...

"Heyy cutie," he said," what's your name?" he asked 

"Holly and yours"


"And I'm Harry her boyfriend mind backing off" Harry said quite heated 

"Um last time I checked this was arranged by the label, not by choice." I said while getting up and leaving the theater

"Holly, wait" I heard Harry scream but I just ignored him and went into the girls bathroom, I looked at my face. When I got an idea. I took out my contacts and out on my glasses, took of all of my make up, put my hair in a messy bun, and walked out the bathroom to find a confused Harry. 

"Where the heck did Holly go you freak and where did you come from" Harry spat

"I am Holly you jerk, and ever since I left high school I swore to never feel the way you always made me feel. But when you brought up that day in Mrs.Clemmons class with the scary movie. All those bad feelings came back. When I first saw you again last week and you didn't recognize me, I knew you were the same disgusting jerk you've always been. Just seeing you hit on me with my make-up, hair done, and contacts in justs goes to show how you are and always will be a shallow, low life jerk!!!!!!!"  I screamed and ran off

Harry's P.O.V.

OH MY GOD I can't believe that Holly was that little geek from high school. But I still really like her, but she is so ugly her true self. But I guess my true self is pretty ugly to. I have to get her to forgive me. Plus I have all week to do it.



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