Everything Has Changed

Green eyes, Dimples, The curls are most girls dreams but for me my worst nightmare. Try being signed to the same label as your high school bully. Will Everything Change or will he still be my bully?


5. A new truth

Holly P.O.V. 

Now Harry knows who I really am, what am I supposed to do today at work. As I got up and got ready for a long day of dancing and singing, I checked my phone and ignored all of the hate messages, I followed a couple of people, and responded to some messages. Looking at he time I decided to get up and shower and get ready for the day. 

~Skip Getting Ready~

As my driver pulled into the back parking lot I saw the boys walking into the building, but Harry stood out to me the most. I told my driver to have a good day and walked out of the car and the boys greeted me. Harry kept his distance though, which scared me, only because back in school that was never a good thing.


As I hurried down the hall to my locker worried that Harry would find me and hurt me as usual. When I grabbed my Honors Pre-Calculus book and put it into my backpack I took a glance at my watch. 2:25, it was almost 2:30, Harry always comes at 2:30. You're probably thinking I have five minutes to run and get away, but there are two different outcomes when I run. Either Harry catches me or the next day Harry shows up earlier. With both of these outcomes he ALWAYS hurts me even more. The weird thing about today Harry didn't even pay attention to me today. I looked at my watch again and it read 2:35. Huh that's really weird I thought Harry is always on time. I stayed until 3:00 but there was no sign of Harry so I decided to leave. The next day at 2:30 Harry walked up to me and everything went blank. 

~Present Time~

The boys and I walked into the building and went our separate ways except for Harry, Niall, and I. The three of us walked into Simon's office. Niall held the door open for Harry and I, as soon as I got in the room I sat in the middle chair and the boys sat right next to me. 

"Good Morning," Simon greeted us, "How was last you two" Simon said to Harry and I.

I didn't say anything and neither did Harry I just looked down at my hands and Harry was staring at me. I haven't felt shy or nervous since my Junior year in high school. 
"It was fine we went to a movie and had some dinner before, and tonight I am taking her to a park." Harry responded.

"Holly is that okay with you?" Simon asked


"Okay, well you all need to get to the dance studio, Holly you are in dance studio A boys your in B"

"Okay thanks, see ya later." We all said

As I was walking down the hallway to the dance studio stopped me and asked me,

"Hey are you okay cause when we were in Uncle Simon's office, you seemed kind of distant, did Harry do something to you?" 

"No I just...nevermind"

"No Holly I don't like seeing you upset, please tell me what is wrong"

"Nothing is wrong Niall I promise" I said while holding  Niall's arm just for reassurance.

"Okay," Niall said,"Hey can I ask you something?" he asked while holding my hand. HE'S HOLDING MY HAND!!!


"Next week I was wondering if you wanted our stage date to be an actual date?" Niall asked nervously 

"Absolutely" I answered


"Of course, I always had a thing for blondes and Irish guys"

"Well that's Perfect cause I have always had a thing for incredibly cute british girls" he said    

I gave Niall a hug and went off to dance. 

~Harry"s P.O.V.~

I CAN'T BELIEVE NIALL WOULD TRY AND STEAL MY GIRL(Haha see what I did there). Holly and I may be stage dating right now, but I was hoping soon that we would actually be dating. But Niall just had to step in and ruin everything. I will just have to show Holly that I have changed, and also show that I am a great guy that really likes her. I always have and I always will like her. 


Plot twist. Who would of though that Harry liked Holly all of these years. Let's see what happens next time!!!





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