Wings and Shackles

"I don't know who I am or what I'm doing here. All I know is that my name is Marie and I'm a prisoner here." The girl gestured to her shackles, eyes full of sorrow. "Please save me..."


1. Memories Lost

A girl woke up to see the shadows of her barred window looming over her. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat there. The moon was high up in the dazzling midnight sky, accompanied by a thousand stars. The girl sighed at this beauty. That is when she once again laid eyes on the shackles locked on her wrists, showing her eternal imprisonment as long as they remained on. The girl had been in there for a few days now. The funny thing was that she wasn't terrified in the least bit. Maybe she would of been if she knew what was going on. She didn't remember anything. All that was left in her memory was that her name was Marie. She didn't need to have knowledge of anything else to know that she was a captive or prisoner of some kind. Marie wasn't suffering. How could she when she didn't even know what she did wrong? She didn't know the stories of prisoners and dungeons, they were wiped from her mind completely. There was nothing to do in the bleak dungeon. Nothing to keep her company, not even little creatures like spiders or rats. Marie's cell was isolated from the rest of the castle. No sound of footprints echoing the halls, no chatter or laughter to be heard. She was all alone. 


If there was people in the castle at this time, they wouldn't be able to hear even the loudest of sounds near the cell. Marie guessed her cell was isolated from the castle so that they couldn't hear her screams at night, even though she never screamed. Why should she? She had nothing to scream about. As far as Marie knew, which wasn't much, she had no life outside the dungeon as much as she did inside. If she did, Marie wouldn't know where to go, what to do. She lost all her memories. Waking up one day in a cell and not remembering anything. If she actually knew what was happening, where she was, who she was, maybe things would be different. Marie didn't know what was happening, didn't know where she was and didn't know who she was. Only knowing your name wouldn't get you far in the world, Marie knew that. If she did try and escape, wouldn't the people who put her in there notice? Probably not. She never got any visitors, anyway. Well... All except for one... 


Thud! Marie jumped when she heard a faint noise outside. The people in the castle, thankfully, wouldn't be able to hear it. She felt relieved at this thought, though she didn't know why. Marie jumped down from her bed, not minding in the slightest when her bare feet hit the cold stone floor underneath. She walked up to the barred window and rested her arms on the window ledge. Standing in front of her was no other than a real angel. He had soft bleached-blonde hair and emerald green eyes.He wore a black coat and trousers, lined with gold, a white shirt and a trusty sword by his side.

 "Hello there, Princess," He bowed a tiny bit for Marie. It was the angel that had been visiting her since she was in here. He'd give her something each day to help her keep living. Marie thought it herself; she had no life outside these walls. However, something inside her was telling her to live, so of course she gladly took them.

 Marie smiled at him. "It is kind of you to call me that, Sir," she went on, "but I am afraid I am nothing more than a prisoner. What makes it worse is that I don't know why I'm here or who I am. I have no memories! All I know is that my name is Marie."

 "Marie is a beautiful name, fit for someone as beautiful as you."

This made Marie blush. She didn't have a mirror and the shackles weren't clean enough to see your reflection in.

 "Oh... T-thank you... --"

 "Luke," the angel finished.

 "Luke..." Marie replied.

The angel smiled when she said his name.

 "So.. You don't remember anything?" Luke asked.

 Marie shook her head. "Nothing. My memory went blank. I just oneday awoke to find myself in a cell with shackles on my wrists. I have no visitors, either. Only you. The only reason that I haven't died of starvation is thanks to your help,"

 Luke looked at her with compassion. "I'm sorry..."

 "Don't be. I can't be sad if I don't have my memory. The only worry I do have is that people are worrying about me. But then again, if there was then why would I be in a dungeon?"

 Luke couldn't deny that Marie was right about some things, he just couldn't believe she was coming to this conclusion.

 "So then," Marie looked up at Luke and smiled, "what have you brought me today, may I ask?"

 Luke returned the favour. "This," he said, pulling out an apple. "It's an enchanted apple. Whenever you get hungry, take a bite and you won't be any longer."


Marie reached through the bars as far as the shackles would let her and took the scarlet red apple from the angel. It looked so ripe and juicy, making her want it even more. She felt herself being drawn to it. She looked at Luke and he laughed.

"Go ahead," he said, "It's for you, after all."


Marie took a bite and a delicious flavour immediately filled her mouth. 

 "How is it?" Luke asked.

 "It's good," Marie replied, turning from the apple to face him. She put it on the small table by her bed and went back to the window.

 "I should go now," Luke sighed, looking up at the sky.

 "Oh..." Marie knew he had to go, but was sad that the only company she had was leaving.

 "Chin up. I'll be back, same time tomorrow!"

This put a smile back on Marie's face.

 "Goodbye, Luke!" She waved at him.

 "Sweet dreams, Marie," He stepped back, spread his wings and flew up into the blue sky. Marie sighed as she saw him go. Something inside of her couldn't wait until tomorrow.

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