test me 16+

"Niall stop it!" I yelled, Niall's head snapped quickly over to me, I watched as he eyed me up and down as he did so a small smirk played on his lips as he looked at me, He walked so close that if he moved less than a foot step more our noses would touch "test me" He whispered.


5. chapter 5

Summers pov

"hello doll" Niall said as he pushed me against the wall and grabbed my waist, nit as hard this time.

"get of Niall i just had a math test so I'm fucking tired and we are in public and I'm not a doll" I said trying to push him of me, "you need a better reason doll" He smirked, I wanted to yell at him but let it be.

I knew exactly what to say "me and Milo is having a study date and I don-" Niall cut of sentence, anger was filled in his eyes, he let go of my waist and my clenched his fists, he took my hand forcefully dragged me into the hall way which was by my surprise empty.

"Niall stop! let go of me!" I yelled "Please don't hurt me" I begged, Niall pushed me against the wall harshly "he leaned inwards me as he held me tight (too tight) "what do I need to do, I'll do anything" as soon as I said that I started regretting it.

Niall stopped what he was doing for a second but then spoke "you have to go to our party today" I was shocked maybe he isn't a pig after all "And" Niall said as he was about to continue " you have to wear a really.really.REALLY  short and tight dress" He smirked "fuck you, no!" I said and was about to leave but got pulled back towards to wall.

"a promise is a promise, you don't want to sink down to my level do you my little doll?" He whispered "I'm not your fucking doll Niall" I fired at him "Answer me!" He demanded as anger filled his voice, his anger made me feel so small "no" I answered "then fucking do it" He demanded even harsher, as his anger was so big I could't do anything else but obey.

I nodded "good girl" He said, first I'm a doll now a dog.


"so you've finally decided to go a little lose" Audrey said after I told her that I wanted to go the the party at the frat house "what kind of dress are you looking for?" she asked opening her closet knowing that I don't have any dresses.

"Eh a really really short and tight dress" I said hesitating a little " are you sure no one made you do this?" She asked a little concerned "no what makes you think that, yaiks let a girl live" I lied.

"you know with the lying skills you have, I'm not sure I can know the truth" she said looking at me in the eyes "listen I'm not lying, I would never lie to you and you know that" I lied again as it hit me that today was the first time I've ever lied to Audrey before.

"okay, what about this one?" Audrey asked pulling out a really short dress that would probably show half of my butt  and 100% cleavage.

"I'll take it " I said and grabbed the dress "are you on drugs or something?" Audrey asked again, it was really getting on my nerves "no" I said a little too harsh.

I went into the bathroom to change, I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I wasn't to far from the truth, one centimeter more and my ass would've popped out, my cleavage wasn't that bad since my boobs are so small.

my boobs are about 28C US bra size so I can't really complain but compared to everyone else here its pretty small, the dress was plain black with a big hole in the back that showed about around 75% of my back, the dress was really tight and uncomfortable I hardly can stand it.

"get out here so i can see" Audrey ordered, I opened the door and walked out "oooh look at you"  Audrey said as she eyed me "heals?" she asked "no way in hell, I barley know how to walk in those thinks, I'll just take your black flats" I replied " but your feet are like the smallest feet I've seen, how are they gonna fit into my flats?" she asked looking confused "I'll make it somehow" I assured her.

Audrey and I put on some makeup (concealer and mascara for me), and we where ready to go, Fuck whats Niall gonna think.

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