test me 16+

"Niall stop it!" I yelled, Niall's head snapped quickly over to me, I watched as he eyed me up and down as he did so a small smirk played on his lips as he looked at me, He walked so close that if he moved less than a foot step more our noses would touch "test me" He whispered.


4. chapter 4

Summer's p.o.v

"No" Audrey simply stated shortly after, I looked up at Audrey in confusion "what do you mean with no?" I asked her "as I thought back on how many girls he has got heart broken and how much physical pain he has caused to other people I don't want you to tease him, I want you stay away from him" Audrey said looking more serious than ever "ok" I simply replied thanking god for not letting me do it afterwords.

It was a dead silence for a moment before Audrey spoke again "promise? yes you were right now see how stupid my idea was but you need to stay away from him, I need you to promise to stay away from him, I don't want you to get hurt, Promise?" Audrey asked looking at me with her big hazel eyes "I promise I will stay away from him" I promised.

Niall's p.o.v

I looked at Summer as she walked in the library, how her hips moved side to side whenever she walked and how her hair always fell in front of her face and she brushed it behind her ears, how her beautiful brown eyes glanced at different book titles, how she grabbed a book and walked to a table and sat down next to her friend. 

I sat in the corner of the library and watched every single inch of her movements and actions, I love how whenever she was reading or concentrating her eyes became smaller and her laugh .ugh. I just couldn't get it out of my head, I just can't get enough of it, her friend whispered something to her and seconds later Summer threw her head back cracking up in laughter forgetting to study.

I smiled to myself, it made me happy when she smiled or laughed, she was really thin but not to thin, not like creepy thin, she had the thigh gap and flat stomach but damn the girl had a huge butt, she didn't have the greatest boobs size I've seen but I could deal with that.

A lady came towards them as they starred at each other with wide eyes, when the lady was close enough she spoke "sh, if your gonna make noises then go out of my library" the old lady spat at them, they nodded understandingly but as soon as she had turned her back away they had a hard time not to crack up in laughter again by each time they got eye contact.

I had watched her study for about more than five minutes, so far I had noticed that every time someone made a single tiny movement or noise around her she would snap out of everything she was doing and get unconsecrated, suddenly she looked up and we got eye contact, her eyes got wider as she quickly looks away.

Well I fucked up, Summer whispered something to her friend and her friend looked up making eye contact with me, she froze for a second but then she stressed to get out of the library, before I knew it her and Summer was out of the library. 

Summer's p.o.v

"why is Niall always staring at me?" I asked in confusion as we walked our way from the campus to our dorm "he's creepy and only wants that pussy of your's" Audrey said making her voice deeper trying to sound more like a man, "stop" I said cracking up in laughter.

"Don't get mad at me but..." I said but stopped thinking of if  i should say it or not "but?" Audrey asked and snapped her head towards me, "I don't know, I just kinda like the thought of you know Niall and I" I mumbled "fuck" Audrey said aloud, people around us stared "what?" I asked confused.

Audrey didn't answer she just looked at the ground, I felt the warm wind lightly and gently stroke my face, I looked up at her again still waiting for an answer "how does he do this?" she asked and finally looked at me "do what?" I asked as I fumbled with the key to our dorm and opened it.

still waiting for an answer we both took of our shoes and sat down on our bed "do what?" I asked again as soon as we sat down "the way he manages to make every single girl to fall for him even though they know whats going to happen" she finally explained in frustration.

"Shit! I've never noticed it, I really can't control myself around him can I?" I asked looking vaguely up at Audrey "no, not really" she truthfully spoke "well what do I do then?" I asked "You could try to stay away from him as I said he's a dangerous creep and a nasty pig" Audrey said trying to cheer me up.

"your right, and he is not a boyfriend material anyways, but my head keeps thinking otherwise" I said so her getting out of my bed and into Audrey's "I know how you feel, I always feel the same with Louis but, you know our heads is such a asshole sometimes" Audrey admitted.

"have you ever kissed Louis?" I asked her out of nowhere "once, but it turned out the same as yours, hungry and hard" she replied "but hey, What can we do about it?" She said but I didn't answer "Love, who Needs love? we have each other right?" I said looking up at Audrey "yea, your right,what do you say Summer? best friends forever?" she said holding out her pinky "promise" I said giving her my pinky.

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