test me 16+

"Niall stop it!" I yelled, Niall's head snapped quickly over to me, I watched as he eyed me up and down as he did so a small smirk played on his lips as he looked at me, He walked so close that if he moved less than a foot step more our noses would touch "test me" He whispered.


3. chapter 3

Niall's p.o.v

As soon as I pulled my shit together and the pain was gone I realized what just had happened "she turned me down! Me, no body has ever turned me down before" I said annoyed, what is she doing to me, I don't have any control over myself when I'm close to her.

She's not like other girls but I will fucking show her, what the fuck am I thinking, ugh she's already driving me crazy "Niall Horan don't chase girls, girls chase Niall Horan" I mumbled still annoyed that she turned me down, I started walking towards the frat house letting the thought sink in, as I walked in the dark a fresh wind blew in my face, I took a deep breath and breathed out, just the thought of her made me go crazy.

God if she knew how many guys that wanted her including me,but she was to blind to see that, but she likes having control, I like that and I might be to drunk to remember that we kissed but I was hungry for more "WHAT THE FUCK, PULL YOUR FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER" I half yelled to myself, I looked at the frat house as I heard the music from far away and the light from the windows.

 I looked down at the ground as I stepped inside the frat house and jogged through the crowd of drunk dancing people and almost fell over a couple of girls making out "Hey, bad boy, want to join?" one of the girls slurred as she started to sexually dance around me, Usually girls wouldn't need to ask twice before they was naked in a room alone with me but I had something more Important to do, I walked past her and over to the kitchen to see Matt.

"Hey Horan" Matt yelled over the loud music I didn't answer just walked past him over to Harry who stood at the end of the bar "Hey mate" Harry slurred out smirking when I reached him"why are you coming back so early? was she a quick one" Harry asked looking casually at me "Nah I wasn't interested" I lied simply like she was nothing, but she was a heck of a girl.

"woah who is she, maybe I'll give her a go" Harry said looking on some of the girls on the dance floor taking  another shot, I got filled up with anger "No one is touching her!" I yelled pushing Harry towards the wall "Make me" Harry said as he looked threatening at me "If you lay a finger on her I will fucking kill you, remember what happened to Johnny?" I threatened, I walked away assuring that I made him scared enough to stay the fuck away from her.

Johnny once made me angry but hes not here to bother me or anyone else ever again, his Annoying little fucking heart is not beating any longer, didn't ever really feel sorry for it.

I walked towards the elevator and walked inside it and clicked on the second button, as the Elevator was going upwards my thought came back the her, I never got her name.

I got out of the elevator, as I walked in the hall way towards my room I noticed how much less sound it was up here, when I reached my room I opened the door stepped inside and slammed it hard shut, I jumped into my bed white bed just laying there, first then I realized what I just did, I yelled at my best buddy for some fucking girl that I don't even know the name of, was I jealous? "nah, probably annoyed that I didn't get to fuck her" I said nodding to my own opinion as I fell asleep with my thoughts of her in my mind.


Summer's p.o.v

"OH MY FUCKING GOD! I'M GONNA KILL HIM" Audrey yelled, she got up from my bed and walked over to hallway to put on her shoes, I jumped out of my bed and ran after her and stopped her "NO! calm down, don't do it I'll fix it up" I assured her, Audrey stopped tying her converse and looked at me "HE FUCKING HURT YOU PHYSICALLY, DO YOU FUCKING EXPECT ME TO CALM DOWN?" she asked raising her voice, what makes her react this way? I've never seen Audrey so mad before.

"Audrey, it's fine I'm fine it doesn't hurt, I just don't want to talk to him again" I said trying to calm down a little, Audrey zoned out for a few second but then she untied her shoe laces and put her shoes back in the corner where she found them.

"I'm sorry" she paused but then spoke up again "I just don't want you to get hurt again after what happened with you and your brother" Audrey apologized, it's true I had a rough past with an abusive big brother he had hurt me both physically and mentally ever since I was 4 and he was 6, He started to sexually abuse me when I was 9 and he tried to rape me when I was 13 multiple times but he never succeeded.

at an age of 16 he killed himself but no body knows why, I shivered a little of the memories but then Audrey spoke "oh my god, I'm sorry!" she said and hugged me tightly "sorry for what?" I asked "for reminding you about your brother" she replied "its fine" I assured her, Audrey didn't seem convinced but didn't say anything about it.

"do you want ice cream?" I asked to change the subject "sure" Audrey said already on her way to the kitchen, Audrey opened the white little freezer and got out two boxes of chocolate ice cream.

We sat down in my bed with our ice cream's "your bed is really uncomfortable" Audrey complained  as she took one of my the soft white pillows and put it between the wall and her back as she leaned in I spoke "I don't find it uncomfortable" I laughed "because its your bed" Audrey explained.

 it was silence for a little while but then all with a sudden Audrey spoke "I've thought about something, you know how Niall said he only wanted you and the fact that he missed almost the whole party at the frat house which he never does, I think he might like you" Audrey said smiling thoughtfully.

"pfff oh my god haven't you got it yet, he only said that because he wanted to have sex with me" I explained with an emotionless facial expression "oh I forgot! you know Alisha?"Audrey asked as her Greenish eyes sparkled of happiness "yea" I answered simply "well she send me this from the party when Niall came back from our dorm and she has video evidence that he likes you" Audrey said proudly like if she was the one who filmed the evidence "Let me see" I demanded, she handed me her white Iphone 6, I pressed play on the video that Alisha had send.

The video was taken almost right next to Harry and Niall "why are you coming back so early? was she a quick one?" Harry yelled over the loud music "Nah wasn't interested" Niall simply replied, pff well he has the weirdest way of showing that he wasn't interested in me "Woah, who is she? Maybe I'll give her a go" Harry said smirking taking a glass of alcohol or what ever it was  "what a pig" I said but Audrey gave me a look that said 'shut up and listen'.

All with a sudden Niall spoke loud and angry "No one is touching her!" Niall yelled and pushed Harry towards the wall causing Harry's back to hit it hardly, My heart skipped a beat, why did Niall say that? Harry got up and looked at Niall angrily "Make me" He threatened  "If you lay a finger on her I will fucking kill you, remember what happened to Johnny?" Niall said and smirked as Harry's eyes got wider and then the video stopped.

"How is this gonna proof that he likes me?" I asked raising one eyebrow "well he never do these kind of things ever so I thought it was worth a try to figure out, also to take a little revenge on him because he had hurt you, we could play this little game and tease him" She said with and evil smirk around her face "O-Ok" I said Unsure.

"Here's the deal" she said and walked out on the floor still having her dress on "You will act like you want him" I cut her of "Why!?" I asked regretting the fact that I said ok to her little plan in first place "I wasn't finished" she complained "OK sorry" I apologized "You will act like you want him but then you will all with a sudden act like you hate him, the way you could tease him....you know how you sit in English classes right next to each other?, you will be needing to figure out something to do to sexually tease him then without anyone noticing" she explained walked back and worth on the wooden floor .

"why then?" I asked feeling nervous already "because then he won't be able to do something to you or to do anything about it, remember he's easily turned on" She simply stated "well it's a good plan but I'm unsure" I said wanting to just forget the whole thing "pleas! you said ok"  Audrey begged, she sat down in my bed again waiting for my answer "fine" I said after a little moment of silence.


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