test me 16+

"Niall stop it!" I yelled, Niall's head snapped quickly over to me, I watched as he eyed me up and down as he did so a small smirk played on his lips as he looked at me, He walked so close that if he moved less than a foot step more our noses would touch "test me" He whispered.


2. chapter 2

Summer's p.o.v 

"W-What are y-y" I could't get to say anything, I was really flattered over the thought that he missed a half party just to see me, wait no, what am I thinking I need to pull my shit together hes here because he want to fuck you and then leave me.

"what do you want Horan?" I asked rather annoyed "oh feisty" Niall said and Smirked, I rolled my eyes and was about to shut the door in his face but before I could do that Niall stepped in.

"Oh come'on babe I know you want me just like all the other girls" Niall said confidently as he walked closer to me, I stepped back a few steps but ended up that my back was hitting the wall and I was stuck.

"what? not used to girls that doesn't want you Horan?" I asked rather smartly "you don't mean that do ya babe?" Niall said and grabbed my hips and pulled me closer up to him, as he was breathing I could smell the alcohol in his breath, Praying he would go soon we stood there as Niall pulled me closer if that was possible "just come with me, we will have so much fun" he slurred out and winked.

Ugh what a pig "you know what Niall, just go and fuck some of the other cheerleaders their way better than me" I assured hoping he would agree and walk away, Niall looked at me in disbelieve "do you really think that a cheerleader is better than you" Niall said and raised his eyebrow "mhm way better, I bet your to drunk to understand that a cheerleader is what you want not me" I said hoping this would convince him to leave.

"are you fucking kidding me! I don't want a cheerleader,all I want is you" as the words fell out of his mouth my heart fluttered but I bet this was one of this methods to get to girls or he was just drunk,"no no, your just mistaken and your drunk cheerleaders are much better" I assured, I pushed him away but that wasn't a good Idea, he pulled me closer and his lips crashed into mine, his kisses wasn't cute or soft it was hard and hungry, I could taste the alcohol.

Wow never thought I would be in this position with Niall, He grabbed my hips and I felt his nails dig into my skin, well that's gonna leave a bruise "Niall pleas stop! your hurting me" I begged but he was to busy kissing me harshly, I tried to push him away but he was to strong, first when he grabbed my ass that I forgot that I was terrified and anger filled my body, without knowing what I was doing I kicked him right in the dick with my knee.

Niall stumbled backwards and looked at me angry before he could say something I pushed him out, I shut the door right in his face, I quickly grabbed the dorm key that was hanging on a metal hanger and locked the door as fast as possible, I took a deep breath as I walked over to the bathroom and stood in front of the big mirror I lifted my shirt just enough to see the bruises on my hips and the Nail marks.

I got undressed and looked at my reflection of my body in the mirror, I've never thought I was pretty,I'm just normal ugly girl the only thing I was proud of was my butt but my boobs was big enough in my opinion, I mean I the girly sluts might have big boobs but the ain't got the booty like I do.

I turned on the shower and as soon as I felt satisfied with the water temperature I walked inside the shower and shut the door to the shower and let my thought go on but all with a sudden I felt a burning pain from my hips, I looked down at my hips and saw that the bruises and nail marks had got all with a sudden a redness around it, the pain must be caused by the warm water, I put in some shampoo and conditioner all at once and spread in all over my hair and washed it of.

I walked out of the shower and made my body dry and my hair half dry with a second towel and left in like that to air dry, I put my back on PJ's since I only have had it on for like an hour, first now I heard the intense knocking at the door, how desperate is Niall really? I decided to open the door to try to make him shut up.

I unlocked the door and shut it open "Niall go awa-" I cut myself of when I saw an angry Audrey "why the fuck would you lock the- wait what? did you just say Niall? was Niall here?" she asked and wiggled her eyebrows forgetting her own anger as she stepped inside I walked over to the kitchen getting something to eat "yea, he was here, but no I sent him right out" I said assuring her that I didn't kiss him, but I didn't say anything about him kissing me.

"Oh ok because the other boys was wondering where Niall was, harry mentioned something about Niall talking about finding this girl to have some little fun with and I assumed that girl was you" she said walking towards me, so he was thinking to trying to have sex with me, I just knew it "what exactly happened when Niall was here?" she asked raising her eyebrows. 

I walked out of the kitchen with a plate of pizza that was left in the fridge "come to my bed and I'll tell you in details what happened" I mumbled with my mouth filled with pizza.

I told her about how he was thinking I liked him and wanted him, of this Audrey and I laughed and I told her that he grabbed my hips but not about the bruises and last I told her about the kiss and about me kicking his dick Audrey looked like she had seen a ghost.

"Oh my god your first kiss!" she said and got all pumped up about it "But it wasn't a good one" I added in, Audrey burst out in laugh "how did it feel, how was it? tell me every detail pleas?" Audrey said with a sassy attitude "well it was hard and hungry" I explained "did he hurt you in some kind of way" Audrey said turning worried "well I have a few bruises on my hips after he grabbed my hips" I said, looking her expression turned from worried to angry. 

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