test me 16+

"Niall stop it!" I yelled, Niall's head snapped quickly over to me, I watched as he eyed me up and down as he did so a small smirk played on his lips as he looked at me, He walked so close that if he moved less than a foot step more our noses would touch "test me" He whispered.


1. chapter 1

Summer's p.o.v

I stood there as a Idiot with almost the whole high school, University kids and more behind our school watching as Niall walked slowly and threatening towards Milo, Milo was terrified, he was frozen to the ground as Niall came closer, I knew Niall was gonna hit Milo but Milo was my friend and I could not let that happen, I just knew I had to do something.

Without knowing what I was doing I ran inside the circle towards Niall and Milo "Niall stop it!" I yelled, I was shocked of my anger and so was everybody else, Niall's head snapped quickly over to me.

I watched as he eyed me up and down as he did so a small smirk played on his lips as he looked at me, Milo Nodded to me as to say thank you, Milo ran over to hide in the crowd not leaving just hiding.

I put my gaze back on Niall, now it was me and him everyone starred at, Niall walked closer up to me still not looking away but fully concentrated on me.

He walked so close that if he moved less than a foot step more our noses would touch "test me" He whispered, I looked at him confused "W-What  do you mean?" I asked, Niall laughed out loud as if I said something stupid but then stopped and a smirk came on his face again, he eyed me once more before he turned around and walked away.

People walked away talking about what had happened just moments later, Milo ran over to me and hugged me "are you ok?" He asked, I could tell by his facial expression that he was extremely concerned "yea I'm fine, you?" I asked "I'm ok, listen I'm really sorry" I cut him of "no, no, you don't need to me sorry, its ok, but do you know what test me means?" I asked watching as his face turned to an even more worried expression.

"listen, just stay away from Niall, he is trouble you know" He warned "I know, I know, he is dangerous and is known for hump and dump, he never cares about peoples feelings and is a player and smokes, drinks and do drugs and all of that, I think I understood it the first time because of his attitude and tattoos and everything" I said as I rolled my eyes "good" he replied with a satisfied smile.

"I'm going back to my dorm, need to study" I explained "is it hard" Milo said laughing "oh shut up University is hard" I giggled out "do you need help?" He asked casually "thanks but no, I need to relax a bit and I'll be doing fine but thanks for asking" I assured him, I gave him a hug and said bye and walked towards my dorm.

oh sorry let me tell you who I am, My name is Summer I'm 18 years old, I'm just an normal teen with boring brown eyes and boring brown hair nothing special, I was born and raised in Norway but then we had to move to UK when I was ten because of my moms job, my father died of cancer when I was 6 and right now I'm doing fine in University sharing my dorm with one of my best friends Audrey, I've known Audrey since middle school but I hang most with Milo mostly because we have most of our classes together, Homework stresses me up just as much as guys does, one thing you need to know I'm not one of those slutty girly girls, sure I wear BBCream, concealer and Mascara as my everyday makeup but I don't dress up nicely or slutty I usually only wear hoodies and comfortable jogger pants and normal converse, I do not laugh at everything Niall and his friends say like all the other girly sluts at our school,  I'm skinny doe and have a thigh gap and flat stomach but that does not make any changes in my life, I have small boobs but a rather huge butt, its not that huge that it looks weird but Audrey says that she would kill for a butt like mine, but over all I'm just Normal.

I first now realized that I was at my dorm, I grabbed my dorm keys and unlocked the door and stepped inside "Audrey?" I shouted but no response,I changed quickly into what I like to call my PJ'S which was a comfortable spider man shorts and a random comfortable t-shirt, I walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the door thinking that Audrey might be there because with my experience she does not always answer when I yell her name "come in" I heard Audrey's voice from the other side of the door.

I opened the door to see Audrey "wow you look........party'ish today" I joked, Audrey always goes to parties but never gets drunk and there is like a party every week at the frat house "let me guess, the frat house?" I guessed knowing the answer already Audrey nodded and then spoke up "why do you never go to the parties like really, I swear you have't been on a party ever not even in high school" Audrey complained as she finished her eye makeup "well first of its at the frat house seco-" Audrey cut me of "whats so wrong with the frat house?" She asked winking at herself in the mirror "Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis, Luke and Matt and all the other boys there" I explained as I leaned against the bathroom wall.

"can you pleas come on one of the parties that their having tomorrow?" Audrey begged "TOMORROW! young lady are you planning on going there, do you know that tomorrow is Tuesday ?" I asked raising my voice, I sometimes got so annoyed at Audrey for going on parties all the time "Yea, why are you so angry about" Audrey giggled "in case you didn't know, we both have a math classes together and if you wasn't so busy starring at Louis all the time you might have remembered that tomorrow we have to study for a big math test that we have on Wednesday" I said as calmly as I could "ok, ok calm down, I won't go on that party then" Audrey assured "good, study in the library 9:35?" I asked following Audrey over to the door "OK! see you, have fun while studying" Audrey giggled out as she closed the door.

I opened the door as I shouted "wait!" Audrey turned around "I need  hug" I said as I watched Audrey clumsy running towards me in her high heels I laughed at her attempt of running in them "stop laughing or you won't get a hug its hard to run in high heals" Audrey complained "ok sorry, but have fun" I said as I hugged her, I closed the door and walked into the kitchen and got opened the fringe "ugh Audrey took the last coffee and I need coffee or I'll end up falling asleep while studying, Should I really bother to go all the way to Starbucks "nah it can wait til tomorrow" I said nodding in agreement to myself. 

I Got my History book and opened it and started to read "When will I ever use thi-" I got cut of by noises outside, wow who would be outside when its a party going on at the frat house and a bunch of guys and girls can have sex and get drunk, I got up from my bed and walked slowly over to the white door, I grabbed the cold door handle and opened the door slowly to see a drunk Niall.

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