A young girl, the age of 11 to be exact has only ever been ordinary. Astrid believes there's nothing beyond what the eye can see, she's only ever been a quiet and shy girl. Until she opens her eyes and looks beyond the insight of our imagination and realizes there's something extraordinary about the world she has claimed to once love.


4. Why me?

As soon as i opened the front door i was grabbed by my mom and before i knew it we were enclosed in a tight embrace. I stayed there for a while feeling the heat radiating from my mothers body and feeling safe for the first time that day, until i heard Professor Snape's raspy voice.

"Sorry to break up your little..reunion, but we have serious matters to discuss. We must first wait for Albus to arrive before this conversation..begins." I turn to look at Professor Snape and i see a slight smirk forming on his face. Without knowing i'm grabbing him by the arm and punching him wherever i could reach. I've never been so angry before and i didn't know why either. I feel warm hands grab my shoulders and turn my body around. I gasp as i see a tall figure in front of me. He has bright blue piercing eyes, with a grey long beard which reached down to his waist. I couldn't move, nor look away from the peculiar man. I hear a giggle to my left and turn to see Shannon trying to stop her self from laughing. I smile slightly and walk over to Shannon.

"Why are you laughing for?" I whisper to Shannon trying not to attract the attention of the old man stood before me chatting merrily away to my mother.

"Do you think he will let me braid his beard?" I turned and looked at Shannon before laughing..loudly.

I gasp for air while trying to even my breathing from laughing so hard. I wipe the tears that escaped my eyes and turned round to see all the adults staring at me. My mother looked confused, Professor Snape looked irritated and Albus? He just looked at me with a large grin forming on his face. I cough slightly before looking at the stranger.

"Excuse me, but who are you? I shyly step forward and shake the hand of the old man and smile slightly at his encouraging smile.

"Well, Astrid i am Professor Dumbledore. Headteacher at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry." I gasp slightly as i realized the man standing before me was the headteacher. I walk slowly over to my mom and grab her hand into mine. I feel a slight pressure on my hand and realize my mother is looking down and smiling at me.

"Astrid, i'm so glad you're safe. Professor Snape told me everything." I turn to look at her my eyes wide with realization that Professor Snape must have told her about my...ability. I turn around and dash up the stairs and head straight for my room, my breathing heavy and tears rolling down my cheeks. I don't even know why i'm crying, it seems that the events of today have only just caught up to me. I lower my self down onto my bed and wipe the tears which were quickly escaping my eyes. I sniffle slightly and i hear a quiet knock on my bedroom door.

"Astrid, open up it's me." I let out a sigh of relief as i realized it was only Shannon at the door. I swing the door open quickly and pull her inside. Shannon walks in and sits down next to me on my bed. "Astrid, everything is going to be okay, they're talking about the incident and..your father." I turn to look at Shannon and stick my tongue out at her.

"Well i don't care, there's something wrong with me, no wonder my father left!" I feel the tears starting to form in my eyes again and they begin to blur my vision. I quickly rub my eyes getting rid of any sign of weakness. I have to be strong, i have to be. I hear Shannon dramatically sigh as she stands up and heads for the door. "Where are you going? Don't leave me!" I stand up quickly trying to pull Shannon away from the door but she doesn't budge.

"Astrid you need to come down, you have to learn about your father and who you are!" Just looking at Shannon i know she feels sorry for me, which starts to make me feel angry at my self for being weak.

"No, i don't want to learn anything! learning will change everything and i just want to be Astrid, an ordinary girl who can..heal." My voice quietens down as realization hits me. My father ran because of me, because of what i can do. I feel my breath becoming heavy. I run down stairs and see the living room is empty. I start to panic when i see nobody in the house. The incident from today starts to rush through my mind, making my body weak and making me feel sick. I crouch down into the corner of the room with my knees pulled tight to my chest to make me feel secure. 

"Astrid, it's okay sweetheart no one is going to hurt you here." I flinch as my mom places her hands on top of my knees. I draw back a release a sarcastic laugh. 

"No one is going to hurt me because i can't get hurt!". I try and push my mother away but she tightens her grip on my knees to keep me still. I start to feel anger rising up, and i feel a surge of anger towards my mother. This time i know why. Because she knew about me, about my father and never told me. I stand up slowly and walk away from my mother and head to the front door, before i can get there Professor Dumbledore is standing there blocking my only way out of this hell hole. I release a shaky breath before sitting my self down on the sofa and allowing my mom to wrap my warm blanket around me.

"Astrid you need to know the truth, the truth about your father, the truth abo-" I cut my mom short because i know what she was going to say next, "About my ability." I whisper the words she was going to say and I stare at my mom trying to figure out what must have happened years ago for my father to run away and to leave his only child and wife behind. I try to proceed with my explanation but Professor Dumbledore interrupts me.

"Astrid, you're a remarkable young girl, at the age of 11 this is going to be hard for you to process so we will all understand if you wish to wait a few years before knowing the truth." I see sadness cloud over his eyes, the once spark in his bright blue eyes was diminished and was now just an ordinary blue color. I release a heavy sigh before nodding allowing the Professor to proceed with his explanation.

"Well Astrid i can only explain what happened that night, the night he left." I stare at him nodding again. "Your father, Daryl Chayse left for one reason. To keep you safe." I look at him, confused and upset. I didn't understand why my dad left, until now. "Your father also has an ability,in which i cannot say what it is. However this is why we must assume that your ability to heal comes from his genetic background." I smile slightly to my self knowing that i wasn't alone in this and my dad does care for me and knows what it's like to be..extraordinary.

"Daryl ran because people, bad people knew he possessed such abilities. He ran because they were tracking everyone, everyone who possesses an ability like you. I must say Astrid there has only been 3 cases before you with people with certain abilities. In which all of them are being followed, every person who possess an ability can overcome most dangers in the magical world. Some may use their power for good some may use their power for bad. Astrid it is your choice to now choose what you will do now that you know what dangers you will face. But remember you're being taken care of here, no one will find out of your ability in till it is time to."

I stare up at the Professor, i was stunned by all the new information i was just given. I try to say something, anything, but nothing comes out. I just stay there paralyzed by the shock and that i am indeed in danger and i must now choose what i will do with this ability. I nod slightly to the Professor letting him know i understand. I stand up straight and look at the professor, "I don't want anybody knowing what i can do. I'm just an ordinary girl."

The professor smiles slightly at my determined face and starts to walk towards the door. But i still don't understand there's only 4 people with an ability like me. I gasp and run to the door to see the two Professors heading out. I run to the door looking up and down the street and i see two figures walking away. I have to understand i need to know.

"Why me?" I shout my question to no one, as i realize the two men had disappeared leaving no trace behind.


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