A young girl, the age of 11 to be exact has only ever been ordinary. Astrid believes there's nothing beyond what the eye can see, she's only ever been a quiet and shy girl. Until she opens her eyes and looks beyond the insight of our imagination and realizes there's something extraordinary about the world she has claimed to once love.


8. The truth hurts

I try and open my eyes but i'm blinded by a sudden ray of light. I close them tightly and gently pries them open again. When i do, i look around my surroundings and see i'm in the Hospital wing. I try and sit up but feel someone pressing down on my shoulder. I look up and see Professor Snape's stern face looking back at me, i gulp and lie back down.

"Sir, why am i here? What happened? I don't understand? Where's Professor Dumbl-" I stutter all my questions out at once but Professor Snape interrupts me by speaking loudly.

"Astrid, you must calm down. Professor Dumbledore will be here shortly to explain everything", with that Professor Dumbledore gracefully walks in and seats him self at the end of the hospital bed. I look into his blue eyes and see sadness over clouding them. I look between the two Professor's but neither of them say anything, this starts to infuriate me because i literally have no idea why i'm here! 

"Professor why i am here? All i remember is sitting by the Black Lake and.." I stare at Professor Dumbledore, scared and confused, i remember, i turned invisible. I feel my heart rate increase and my breathing becoming short and quick. I feel warm hands hold onto my pale cold ones and i instantly start to calm down. I look up and see Professor Dumbledore standing over me. Before i can thank him a loud 'crashing' noise is heard right outside the Hospital wing door. I sit up quickly and regret it instantly as my head starts to pound. I try and resist the pain and stand up and i slowly walk over to the door. I grasp the door handle firmly but before i can pull it open, a body is pressed against mine and i balance my self quickly in order to stop my self falling. I let go of the body that was once pressed against me in a tight embrace and see..Ted? I see his eyes were bloodshot, his usual tanned complexion is pale and black rings are clearly seen underneath his eyes. I gasp quietly at his appearance. 

"T-Ted? are you okay?" I grasp his hands into mine and look into his eyes trying to figure out what was wrong. I hear him gulp loudly. He pulls me over to where the two Professors were still seated. We both place ourselves back onto the bed before Ted starts to talk.

"Astrid, i am so sorry i acted the way i did, i was scared and confused..I mean you literally healed yourself! I hear him breath deeply before carrying on.

"I really am sorry, but in order for you to really forgive me i need to show you something first." I see Ted slowly stand so he is next to the two now standing Professors. He points his hand to a metal cart next to the door and i see small blue sparks light up onto his fingertips and shoot at the metal crate. It instantly lights up and the metal starts to burn and melt away instantly. Before the fire could develop it was put out by Professor Snape...using his wand of course.

I stare wide-eyed back at Ted. He has an ability too! I stand up quickly and grab Ted so we're closed into a tight hug. I whisper quietly into his ear so the other Professor' couldn't hear.

"Ted, this is serious, who else knows? Have they explained how people like us are getting hunted because we are...extraordinary?" I feel his body tense up. I sigh deeply before telling him to leave but not before telling him i would explain what i know to him later. He nods to me and walks back to the common room.

I see the two Professor's standing and staring at me intently. I quickly walk behind the curtains separating me from the rest of the room and i get changed into my own clothes as it's now the beginning of the weekend. Once i'm changed into a pair of black jeans and a simple purple t-shirt i place my boots on and walk out and still see the Professors waiting for me by the door. I briskly walk past them out of the door and run as fast as i could to the Gryffindor tower. I didn't look back once, i didn't need to talk to them i had to warn Ted of what dangers he would face, or should i say we are going to face.

As soon as i enter the tower i see Ted seated by the fire, i walk over to him and sit my self on the seat next to him. I see him look up and he smiles slightly at me. I hear him sigh and tears start to fall out of his eyes. I place my hand on top of his to calm him. I hear him hiccup before taking deep breaths in order to compose him self.

"I'm sorry you have to see me like this, it's just been a hard day." I look into Ted's eyes and see tears threatening to spill over. I gently wipe my thumb over the tears which escape and give him a weak smile.

"Ted, it's okay. It's been hard on all of us." I sigh before telling him what Dumbledore told me, but i leave out that i posses two abilities just in case he gets upset again. I see him visibly calm down slightly and he just stares at me before explaining him self, by him self i mean his ability.

"Astrid, the way i acted when i figured out you had the ability to heal was stupid, but i do have a reason why. My mother also used to posses the same ability as me, electricity. But she was caught by bad people, she was tested on she was basically a human guinea pig for 5 years until she escaped. She came looking for me but before she could find me her powers were taken away from her, and by removing her ability she became weak instantly. She was to weak to fight, so within an hour of her abilities being taken she passed away. I was there, i saw the light leave her eyes but not before she told me who had taken her, and killed her." I stare at him, wondering how a young boy of 11 could contain such horrors in his life yet not act upon them. I place my hand onto his knee, encouraging him to carry on. He takes another deep breath before looking at me in the eye and telling me what i feared the most. The person who took and killed her was not who i expected it to be. I see tears slip from his eyes as he says their name.

"It was Daryl Chayse, your father."



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