A young girl, the age of 11 to be exact has only ever been ordinary. Astrid believes there's nothing beyond what the eye can see, she's only ever been a quiet and shy girl. Until she opens her eyes and looks beyond the insight of our imagination and realizes there's something extraordinary about the world she has claimed to once love.


6. The beginning

We are all escorted into the main hall, i hear a collection of gasps coming from the rest of the first years. This place really was magical. I look around the hall trying to look at every detail. The ceiling was bewitched to look like the night sky, there were four tables, in which the different houses were sat accordingly. I hear laughter erupt from one table in particular, i look over and see a group of red heads clapping and giving each other high fives. One of them looks my way and smiles, i give him a small smile in response. I feel someone nudge my shoulder and look over and see Ted smiling at me, I've only just realized we were now standing at the front of the hall and Professor Dumbledore was giving a speech. I try and focus on Professor Dumbledore but my attention starts to slowly slip away. I feel someone pinching my upper arm.

"Ouch, what was that for!" I stare at Shannon, angry and confused. She whispers something but i can't hear over the sudden stamping and clapping of the far table. Oh snap! The sorting has began. I gulp and my palms start to become sweaty, i knew my name was about to be called any minu-

"Chayse, Astrid!" I hear McGonagall shout my name. I slowly walk up the steps and allow my self to peek backwards and see Shannon and Ted smirking and giving me a thumbs up. I smile slightly back at them and sit on the stool provided. I suddenly feel something placed on top of my head which interrupts my vision.

Well who do we have here? Miss Astrid Chayse. Oh how you posses all the qualities of all four houses. You can be cunning and ambitious like Slytherin if you put your mind to it. Brave and loyal like Gryffindor, You have the brains to become a Ravenclaw and are friendly and kind to those you meet like Hufflepuff. But where to put you?

I gulp and clench my fingers around the side of the stool. I can't help but think what it would be like to be in Gryffin-

Gryffindor you say? You are very loyal, but you doubt your bravery. You could be placed into Slytherin and achieve greatness, but no?  You possess abilities in which only people could dream of. Well if you're sure it better be...... Gryffindor!

I let out a audible sigh, i look forwards and see Shannon stunned and Ted grinning right back at me. I roll my eyes at there antics and walk forwards to the table which was cheering and clapping for their new arrival. I slide in next to one of the Red heads or should i say two? They both look the same! I gasp as they both grab onto my hands and shake them vigorously.

"Hi there I'm Gred Weasley and this is Forge Weasley, what a pleasure to meet you." I hear the table erupt into laughter again and i can't help but feel happy that i'm in Gryffindor.

"Well it's nice to meet you both, i'm Astrid Chayse." I smile warmly back at the boys but i hear a girl with brown, bushy hear sigh loudly next to me. I sit down and turn to face her.

"Hi i'm Hermione Granger, don't worry about them two, Fred and George i mean. They're the 'pranksters' of the school." I chuckle slightly until i hear muttering and gasps surround the hall. I stand up slightly and see Shannon heading over to one of the tables. By the looks of things, not the table everybody was thinking she would be sorted to. I gulp slightly as i realize we were not in the same house she was sorted into...Slytherin.

I turn back round when i feel a young boy with glasses poke me, i look up at him and see a slight shape on his forehead. "Hi, I'm Astr-

"Astrid Chayse, i know. I'm Harry Potter, Second year." I shake his hand and nod in his direction and turn back round just in time to see Ted sorted into, Gryffindor. I clap along with the others as Ted sits him self next to me. I hug him tightly and feel relieved that somebody i know is going to be in my house. After a few more minutes all of the first years are sorted and everyone is quiet. 

"Hello, and welcome to another year at Hogwarts. I hope all the new students and older students are aware of the rules set into place and enjoy their stay here at Hogwarts, with that. Enjoy". I gasp as the tables were flooded with all kinds of food. I look up and see another red head dig straight in. I laugh slightly and help my self to some food. After helping my self to two puddings i look up and see Shannon smiling slightly back at me. I give her a small wave and she smiles back, then she turns and starts talking to her fellow peers. After a while all the tables are suddenly clean and Professor Dumbledore is dismissing us. I stand up quickly and follow the prefects to the common room. I stumble slightly on the stairs and feel someone catch me before i fall, at first i thought it was Ted but when i look up i see Fred, or is it George? Smiling down at me.

"Might want to look where you're going, don't want no accidents on the first day back". I chuckle slightly at George? and thank him for helping me. After a silent walk back to the common room, we arrive and are told who's dorm is who's and where everything is placed around the common room. I nod slightly to the others after saying goodnight. I hug Ted goodnight and walk up to the girls dormitory. I let out a sigh of relief when i see my bed, i quickly get changed and settle my self onto my bed. There are only 5 girls in the dorm, including me. There's Ginny Weasley, Hayley Wilde, Jennifer Way and Emilie Louise. We all bid each other goodnight and fall to sleep rather quickly.  

I wake up the the sound of laughter, i look around and see all the other girls changed and ready for the first day. I groan and start to get my self ready. I feed Alec and place him on my bed before setting of to breakfast. As i walk into the Great Hall i see quite a lot of people were already there, i turn to each table in turn and see that other people from different houses have gone to sit with others. Apart from Slytherin no one from their house has moved. I sigh quietly to my self knowing how different its going to be without Shannon next to me for nearly every minute of every day. I feel someone grab my shoulders and turn me around. I gasp and fling my self at Shannon.

"Well hello there to you too. It's nice to know i have been missed, now come on lets go get some food i am starving." I giggle at Shannon, she definitely hasn't changed. Me, Shannon and Ted sit next to one another at the Gryffindor table. I hear the hall fall silent and feel the stares of hundreds of people. I gulp and look to my right and see Shannon preoccupying her self with eating. I don't think Ted has realized either by the way he is downing his pumpkin juice. I nudge them both and they stop what they are doing and look around. Ted and Shannon just shrug and get back to eating. I giggle at their antics and join in. After the few minutes of stunned silence the noise levels start to increase again. I see some of the Gryffindor's sneak glances our way from time to time.

"Hey, Ted why do people keep staring at us? Have i got something on my face?". Ted chuckles slightly,

"No, Astrid it's beca-

"It's because i am beautiful." I laugh at Shannon's remark and turn to look at Ted again. He laughs at Shannon's remark and continues with his explanation.

"Well Astrid, If you look around the hall you can see that Gryffindor's do not normally get along with Slytherin. There's always been a feud between the two houses for years. I think Shannon sitting with us is going to change things around a bit." I look back and forth between the two tables and wonder what could have caused the two houses to hate one another.

"Oh and because Shannon is one of the first ever muggleborns to be placed into Slytherin." Ted, looks at Shannon and smirks, but Shannon heads over to the Slytherin table to receive her timetable from Professor Snape.

I turn and look up to the staff table and see Professor Dumbledore looking back at me, i give him a slight smile and he nods back slightly. I receive my time table from Professor McGonagall and gasp when i see we are in most classes with Slytherin, me and Ted high five and look over to Shannon who is giving us the thumbs up. I hear the bell ring, which signal it's first lesson. I pick my bag up and me and Ted head out of the Great Hall waiting for Shannon to arrive. When we're all together we head over to Herbology for our first lesson. I look over the grounds and sigh deeply. I turn to face Ted and Shannon and tell them what we all have been thinking.

"Well guys, this is just the beginning."

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