A young girl, the age of 11 to be exact has only ever been ordinary. Astrid believes there's nothing beyond what the eye can see, she's only ever been a quiet and shy girl. Until she opens her eyes and looks beyond the insight of our imagination and realizes there's something extraordinary about the world she has claimed to once love.


10. Out with the old and in with the new

It feels as if it was years ago since Ted last spoke to me after him declaring his hate towards me because of my father, when in reality it's only been around 3 months. After the incident I became withdrawn from the world of magic well in the sense of the usage of my abilities. I also haven't spoken to Shannon for a while. I guess the Slytherin vs Gryffindor feud is still an ongoing event. I haven't really spoken to anyone either, i mean i have spoken to my room mates and Alec my cat but i like the quiet, it's peaceful.

But the peace was short lived because the upcoming Quidditch tournament is in 3 days and it's Gryffindor vs Slytherin and wherever i go it's all you hear.

"Hello Astrid, I see you're sitting in the library again..alone." I look up quickly staring at the figure in front of me.

"Oh urm hi there Hermione, i haven't seen you in a while. But yes i'm trying to study as much as i can, i need to pass to get into the second year." I feel a warmth on my hand and look to the side to see Hermione's pale hand was placed on top of mine. Looking into her pale face i see an encouraging smile, her smile was contagious so I couldn't help but smile back. I withdrew my hand in order to pickup and read my potions book. Whilst reading I hear Hermione settle down in front of me as she get's her work and equipment out ready to learn. I peer over the top of my book and see Hermione looking back at me.

"Urm Hermione, can i ask just what you're doing?" I stutter slightly, i haven't spoken to another person for a while and it seems i'm lacking some what in social skills. I mentally slap my self as i realized just how stupid that question was. I hear her giggle slightly before she takes a deep breath and replies.

"Well Astrid as i am in second year already i was hoping we could study together, i mean you're smart, i'm smart it's a perfect match." I stare dumbfounded at Hermione, i mean no one, not even my mom has called me smart before.

"Thanks, sure i guess. But i thought you was always busy with Harry and Ron?" I try and avoid eye contact with Hermione just in case she gets the wrong idea and starts to shout.

"Oh Astrid, i was just like you, well i still am. I had no friends when i first joined Hogwarts- mainly because i'm a muggleborn but i started to open up a bit and i got to know people. I mean i'm best friends with Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley that has to be some kind of achievement." I laugh slightly at her but it's a fake laugh i haven't laughed for what seems like years. I look back down at my work trying to carry on studying but my work is pulled away from me.

"Astrid, you need to open up and get to know people. You're a smart and pretty i bet if you tried you could make loads of friends. I know the situation with Ted was bad i heard, but remember you still have me, i'll be your friend."

I smile a genuine smile for once, just knowing i wasn't alone in this strange but wonderful world was great. It felt as if the pain and sadness was lifted off of my shoulders in that one moment and me and Hermione just chatted for hours about ourselves getting to know one another.

I suddenly woke up, beads of sweat running down my face and my hair was damp. I tried my hardest to steady my breathing before walking to the bathroom and washing my face in ice cold water. I couldn't get his words out of my head. I've spoken to Hermione about it, but she just said it will soon go. I don't think it will those words will haunt me forever.

"You're just like him" I breath the sentence to my self, knowing possibly inside it could be true. I walk myself back to my bed and read the time on my alarm clock 6:05am. Sighing deeply i throw my dressing gown on and walk down into the common room for a few minutes before getting ready. As i go to walk to the comfy seats by the fire i see a dark figure huddled in the seat nearest to the window. I knew who it was, but my mind was telling me to leave the person but my heart was telling me to see who it was. Pressing my nails hard against my palm and biting my bottom lip i walk slowly over to the figure and sit on the seat opposite. As i do this the figure looks up, with fear and confusion.

"Hi Ted. I'm really sorry about what happened and with your mo-". My sentence was cut short when Ted's wand was raised and was pointing straight towards my face. I grasp my wand into my sweaty palms and raise it too.

"You're not really going to hurt me Ted. We are friends, please just listen!" My voice is quiet, i didn't need anyone else waking up and seeing us in this awkward situation.

"NO! you Astrid Chayse are a freak, you're no friend of mine." I stare at Ted, he can't really mean it. I hear Ted shout the words knowing i had a second or so to retaliate, i raise my wand.


"Protego!" My wand was raised before he could finish the spell and Ted was knocked backwards off of his feet into a heap onto the floor.

"Ted! I'm sorry it was just a reaction, i didn't mean to-" I hear a 'smack' as i realized Ted slapped me across the face but i didn't feel it. However this didn't mean i have to put up with his abuse.

"You Terry Lycus are a bully! I will not stand for your abuse towards me anymore." I feel a warmth go through my hand as my wand is once again raised to Ted's face. "You're no match against me Ted. You're right though, i am like my father." I spit the words out of my mouth feeling the anger and hatred burning through my veins. "I am Astrid Chayse, daughter of Daryl Chayse. I am strong like him, passionate and smart. But i know for a fact, Mr Terry Lycus i am not a murderer!" As soon as the words left my mouth i felt relieved but also empty. Words were not enough for him to understand.

"Petrificus Totalus." As soon as the spell left my mouth Ted's arms and legs snapped together as he lay unable to move on the floor.

"You deserve that Ted, for what you've put me through these past 3 months." After saying the words i knew i would soon regret, i pull my body upstairs and get changed into my robes. By the time i'm ready it's 7:30am and all of my other dorm members were leaving for breakfast.

"Hi Astrid, do you want to come to breakfast with us?" I stare at the the small, red headed girl in-front of me.

"Sure Ginny, thanks." I pull Alec off of my lap and wipe my dress robes off before walking out of the common room with Ginny. Before leaving i turn back quickly and see that Ted's body was no longer there. I mentally slap my self..again, knowing that Professor McGonagall is going to know someone used the body-binding curse on another student. I take a deep breath and plaster a fake and innocent smile across my face before heading off with the other girls to the Main Hall for breakfast.

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