A young girl, the age of 11 to be exact has only ever been ordinary. Astrid believes there's nothing beyond what the eye can see, she's only ever been a quiet and shy girl. Until she opens her eyes and looks beyond the insight of our imagination and realizes there's something extraordinary about the world she has claimed to once love.


9. Like father, like daughter

I stare and stare at Ted. How could this be real? I mean my dad left in order to save me, not kill people with abilities! Without a backwards glance i hurl my self up the stairs to the girls dormitory. I scatter all my belongings around in order to find a piece of parchment, ink and quill. I write the letter quickly, not knowing if the words are correct or if they make any sense. While writing i feel unwanted tears slide down my face and fall gently on top of the parchment smudging the ink making the scrawny and messy writing hard to read. I roll the parchment and tie it with a loose piece of ribbon and head off in search for a owl to use. I walk towards the Owlery, as soon as i enter i find a random bird; i find a black, sleek and small owl and attach the letter to it's leg, which it willingly held out for me. I whisper the location to the owl and it heads off straight away in search for the addressee.

I turn and look out towards the grounds and see three black figures heading towards Hagrid's hut. Sighing loudly i turn around and head towards Hagrid's hut it pursuit to see who the three figures are. Jogging quickly i make it to the hut just as the three figures are walking out. I see the three Gryffindor's staring straight at me, i remember who they are. It's Harry Potter and his two friends, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. I smile slightly at Hermione before shaking hands with the other two Gryffindor's.

"Oh, hi there Astrid, i haven't seen you around for a while how are you?" I stare at Hermione before realizing she was talking to me and i stutter slightly before answering.

"Urm, i'm fine. I was just wondering if i could hang out with you..three?" I stare between the three faces before  all of them nod slightly and i let out a sigh of relief. We all head towards the black lake and sit down in front of a birch tree. Hermione straight away pulls out rolls of parchment, quills and books while Ron and Harry pull out chocolate and sweets which consists mostly of chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts every flavor beans. The two boys offer me a flavored bean but i politely decline remembering when Shannon picked up an earwax flavor and she vomited everywhere. I shiver slightly at the memory and pull out my potions book. I hear Ron scoff as he see's me reading the book and Hermione straight away retaliates.

"Well at least she is actually studying Ronald! You should take a page out of her book, shes only in the first year and she has her priorities set whereas you two are in second year and still have not picked up one book!" I edge sideways slightly, and hide my face behind my potions book. I have always enjoyed creating potions, just the act of creating something big out of things which are so small interested me. However i particularly don't like the teacher...Professor Snape. I secretly think Professor Snape has a hit-list and i'm right at the top even if i am excelling at the subject. I turn to look at Hermione's notes and see that my notes i have been writing are more advanced than her's and she's in second year. I see her look sideways looking at my notes in owe.

"Astrid! How do you know all those things about potions? I mean i have took nearly every book out of the library apart from the ones out of the restricted section, obviously. But you're only in the first year and that looks like a third years work." I gulp slightly and nod my head, not knowing what to say. Before i even attempt to talk i hear someone cough loudly to my right and see someone staring back at me. When i stand up and take a closer look at the person's face i realize it's Shannon. She also looks really, really angry. 

"What is wrong with you! Ted is in the hallway crying because apparently you did or said something now he is distraught and calling for you." I straight away head towards the hallway, as i approach i hear someone sobbing quietly. I quickly run towards the noise and see a small figure hunched over in the corner, before i can get towards Ted,  i see that Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore were already there. I push past the surrounding students and crouch down beside Ted. I pull his body towards mine and hold him in a tight embrace, i feel his body shaking with every sob he releases. Sighing i grab his face into my hands and wipe away his tears.

"Ted, shhh, shh it's okay. What's wrong? Shannon said i did something wrong, what did i do exactly?" I look up into his teared streaked face waiting for his response. Before he slowly calms down and controls his sobbing i hear Professor Dumbledore cough gently before placing his hands onto mine and Ted's shoulders.

"I think we should carry this on in my office, it looks as if we have a crowd" I turn around at his words and see that in fact a crowd has appeared around us. I nod slightly at his words and help Ted to his feet and we head towards Professor Dumbledore's office, stumbling slightly under Ted's weight we eventually get to his office.

We both seat ourselves in front of Professor Dumbledore's desk, he lowers himself into his chair and looks between me and Ted with a look of curiosity written into every line of his ageing face.

"Astrid i am aware of what Ted has told you and i would like to-"

"No! My father, Daryl Chayse was supposed to be protecting me because of my abilities. Why would he kill an innocent woman, who was just like him?" After my outburst i see Ted raise his head slowly and Professor Dumbledore looked startled. I heave a deep sigh and i try to subside my anger.

"I-I'm sorry sir, it's just this whole situation, it's crazy! I'm asking question and all i'm getting back is lies!" I stare into the Professor's deep blue eyes for a few seconds before looking at anything but the man in front of me.

"Astrid you must understand how complicated this situation is. Your father is in hiding to protect you, not only is he doing it to save you but to save anyone with an ability. To understand this, you must first come to terms that your father is not a bad or evil man, his power is what is evil. He was a smart and confident boy when he was attending Hogwarts, he still is. But when he came to terms that he possessed such a powerful ability it was too late." I blink slightly at Dumbledore but everything he has just said to me literally makes no sense. I mean how can he not be evil? He killed Ted's mother. I hear him sigh slightly before looking at Ted and asking his permission for him to talk about his mother. I see in the corner of my eye that Ted nods slightly before he begins staring at the floor again.

"Terry's mother, she didn't want to hide her ability she wanted to flaunt it. This was one of the biggest mistakes she ever made. You see there are only a few people with abilities...that we know of. However because Terry's mother had showed people this 'gift' she possessed, word spread and it found the wrong people. Your Father, Daryl Chayse did not volunteer to kill Ted's mother, the power that is inside him. That is what's evil." I feel Ted's stare burning into the side of my head but i refused to look away from the old man in front of me, i was too scared to look at Ted. What if he thought i possessed such power? 

"Professor, what was his power exactly? Or did he have more tha-" I cut my sentence short when i see Professor Dumbledore shaking his head gently with his eyes wide.

"Astrid, your father's ability. It turned him into one of the most powerful Wizards in the world, but also one of the most evil ones too. His power was greedy, his power wanted others. When he killed Terry's mother, it wasn't out of personal hate, it was because he wanted her power. Or should i say his power wanted to posses another power. Every person he kills who possess an ability he takes that ability and learns to control it. That is why he left you and your mother, because he feared that you would also posses an ability. He was right to leave you and your mother because....you would be dead by now." 

I stare at the wise old man in front of me. This can't be true? I mean my own flesh and blood, surely wouldn't want me dead. Oh wait no it's his power that want's me dead. I finally turn around to see Ted, his eyes are filled with hurt and mistrust. I try and say something, but what is there to say? I try and hold his hand to comfort him, but he pulls away anger filling up every inch of his body. I see him stand slowly as he walks to the door he turns around and says the words i didn't think he would ever say to me.

"I know who you are Astrid, or should i say what you are! You're a freak. You posses two powers i know, i saw what happened. Oh, do you want to know something?." I stare at him and before i can say anything he grabs the door handle and swings the door open. Before he steps outside he looks at me, his brown eyes become dark before he says the thing i was fearing the most.

"You're just like him."

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