A young girl, the age of 11 to be exact has only ever been ordinary. Astrid believes there's nothing beyond what the eye can see, she's only ever been a quiet and shy girl. Until she opens her eyes and looks beyond the insight of our imagination and realizes there's something extraordinary about the world she has claimed to once love.


2. Learning Changes Everything

Is it real?

I stand there staring at my mom, eyes wide with my mouth hanging open. We stare at each other until she finally releases a quiet sigh and extends her hand out to hold mine. I grab onto her hand, squeezing it tight to show i was ready for her to answer.

"Yes, Astrid it is real, this is what i was explaining to you earlier today..about you father. He is also a wizard, a great wizard, unfortunately he was getting followed and we were not safe. He made the hardest decision of his life that day, choosing to live a life on the run compared to hiding with his wife and daughter, running into hiding was his only option. He saved us Astrid, he saved you." I see my mother staring at me, tears sliding slowly down her cheeks. I lift my thumb up and wipe the stray tears which had escaped her eyes. I give her a small smile to show i slightly understand.

"But mom, why was he running? who was he running from?. I still don't completely understand." I hiccup slightly , wiping the tears which escaped my eyes on my sleeves and look up and see my mother smiling sadly back at me.

"Well, Astrid it's a long story..We will carry this conversation on at home but first i think you should go and explain yourself to Shannon. She doesn't know her best friend is leaving to go to the same school now, does she?" With an encouraging smile spread across my moms face, i nod slightly and walk out into the corridor not knowing where to find my best friend. I turn my head left and right, eventually i release a deep sigh and slide down the wall with my head in my hands.

I hear a quiet giggle to my left and look up slightly between my fingers, I see Shannon staring back at me with a grin on her face. "Well, Well looks like we can both be extraordinary together." I must have had a look of confusion on my face because she sighs slightly before carrying on. "Astrid i heard everything, not to mention that owl was huge. The owl which delivered my letter was half the size of that."

I giggle slightly and slowly get onto my feet. I stand there staring at Shannon for a few minutes before a huge smile is plastered across both of our faces and we throw our selves at each other and crash together into a massive hug. We were both laughing together for a good 10 minutes before the sound of the bell interrupts our short reunion.

We both pull back from one another and link our arms together. Shannon sighs after a couple of minutes and stares at me.

"What are you looking at?" I slowly release my arm from hers when asking her the question again, until she answers.

"Astrid, i think we're just too awesome to be in this boring school, we can do anything we want. I think we should 'accidentally' miss the rest of our lessons". Shannon's face was practically glowing with excitement, i nod slowly agreeing with her statement and we both walk quickly out the back gates of the school and run to the nearest park.

"Shan, my mother is going to kill us, no actually she's going to kill me!". I stare at Shannon, frightened that i had gone against my mother and i was worried about her reaction to us missing school.

"Astrid, lighten up. We're not going to be here for much longer we have 2 more days of school until the Summer holidays, we can both go and buy our equipment for Hogwarts!" I can tell Shannon is excited to leave Riverlee Middle school, she's always hated it here. I think that's why we are best friends we both share the same feeling about the school...it's terrible. However i'v never actually missed school because of my mother, so acting rebellious for the first time in my life was a good feeling, even if it does lead to bad consequences later.

"Astrid, where do we buy our stuff for Hogwarts? I mean neither of my parents are magical so it was a shock for all of my family when i was told i was a witch!" Shannon just stares at me waiting for a reaction. I know she's worried because she's biting down on her lower lip, a habit she has never been able to get rid of.

Chuckling slightly i grab Shannon's arm and pull her, so we're both walking down the road in the direction to her house. "Well Shannon it's your lucky day because i found out earlier that my father is in fact a wizard, so when i get home i can ask my mom about him and...." I break my sentence short after hearing...nothing. There is no sound to hear. I turn to look at Shannon, her normal olive skinned complexion is pale as she looks down a darkened alley way to our right. I hear footsteps and release a loud gasp. "Shannon we need to go, now!" I whisper this to Shannon trying not to attract the attention from the darkened figure slowly walking in our direction. Before we have the chance to turn around, the figure is running straight at us with a knife in hand.

"ASTRID, RUN!". I try to move my feet but they won't budge, it feels as if someone has glued me to the spot. I can see the figure running straight at me, without knowing Shannon is pulling my arms and running backwards. She falls down onto the road, her arm producing a loud 'cracking' sound. She screams in pain and before i realize it the figure has implanted the knife into my abdomen and i'm on the floor covered in a warm scarlet liquid which was quickly oozing out of my stomach and then i realize what it was, my blood. I turn to face Shannon and her face is covered in dirt and tears, she is staring down at my stomach in shock. I turn around to my right and the cloaked figure has disappeared. Without thinking i grasp the handle of the knife and pull it slowly out of my stomach. I hear Shannon telling me to leave it in place and to stay still, but removing the intruding object from my stomach felt like the right thing to do.

I hear Shannon release a loud gasp and she pulls her self forward and tugs my blouse from my stomach. I see the large wound on my abdomen healing, the once red and raw skin is closing together removing all trace from the attack. My skin is back to it's usual pale color, there wasn't even a mark left on my body. I look up and see Shannon's eyes are wide and her mouth is hanging open in amazement. The only evidence from the attack was my now scarlet colored blouse, which was once white in color and Shannon's broken wrist. I try and say something to Shannon but no sound comes out of my mouth. However Shannon pulls me onto my feet struggling slightly due to her injury.

"Well this changes everything" I hear the words but the voice which produced them was unfamiliar. Shannon is looking over my shoulder in owe, a tall figure is standing behind me. The same man speaks again and i realize the words spoken were meant for me.

"Well..well, you are extraordinary."


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