A young girl, the age of 11 to be exact has only ever been ordinary. Astrid believes there's nothing beyond what the eye can see, she's only ever been a quiet and shy girl. Until she opens her eyes and looks beyond the insight of our imagination and realizes there's something extraordinary about the world she has claimed to once love.


1. Is it real?

As soon as I opened my eyes i regretted it. The bright sunlight coming from the window spread its warm glow over my face. I closed my eyes immediately at the unwanted light. Slowly i began to open my eyes to peer at the clock at the side of my bed. It read 7:55am. I was peering at the clock but it didn't sink in that i had woken up late, 55 minutes late to be exact. My hazel colored eyes enlarged and i shot up out of my bed not wasting any time to rush to the bathroom to get ready. Looking at the mirror across from me i could tell today was going to be a bad day. My long brown hair which is usually curled and laid down my back, was in a messy bun which seemed to not want to co-operate. I was brushing and having a mighty struggle with my hair for a while until it was decent enough to be put into a side braid. My pale complexion contrasted with the color of my naturally bright colored lips on my rounded face. People say i look like my father, even though i don't believe it.

"Astrid sweetheart you need to hurry you're going to be late for school" Yelled my mother,Ann.

This was a daily routine every year for me and my mom. I wake up late and my mom ends up shouting at me until the minute i'm out the door. The only thing which was extraordinary about my day today, was that i am now a year older then last year. Birthdays never really excited me and turning 11 years old is not really a big milestone in my life. However knowing that i was going to be late for school i ran to the car and buckled my self in.

"Good morning Astrid, it was nice to see you this morning, every other ordinary day you would be a sleep at this time" my mother laughed with a slight gleam in her eye.

"Well mom not everyone can be as productive as you, you're the headteacher at my school you're not the one with the reputation to uphold every year" I scoffed and turned out to look at the scenery passing by.

"Astrid, you're an extraordinary girl, you don't need to please others for the sake of being popular!"

"No, mom you don't understand there is nothing extraordinary about me, i'm just an 11 year old girl that goes to my mom's school"

Glaring at my mom for a few seconds i see she tenses up slightly.

"Well Astrid you are extraordinary, there's something i need to tell you which i should have told you years ago" My mothers posture stiffens as she parks the car outside the school and glares at me until i look at her.

"What do you mean? Is it about my father because you can save the details i turned him out of my life the minute he ran away to Australia for his work life. He's never cared mom so i don't either!" I stare at my mom until she blinks and looks away. 

Sighing my mother finally looks at me "No Astrid it's not about your father, even though you are stubborn just as much as he is". Laughing slightly my mother carries on staring at me before carrying on.

 "Astrid your father didn't run away from us, nor did he run for work. He left the country because people were looking for him, not good people either". I'm guessing my mother senses i don't believe her, that or my facial expression i must be currently  displaying on my face. "Astrid you're 11 now, there are so many extraordinary things in this world, things that go beyond our imagination. Sighing slightly my mom grabs my small hands into the warm palms of hers. "A, you're extraordinary, just like your father in many ways, i just haven't been telling you this until now because i thought it would keep you safe, i never wanted you to hate your father he ran because he wanted to save us, save you"

"Mom, i don't understand.I'm just Astrid Chayse, i have no special talents, i hate talking to others and people at school hate me because i'm your daughter!" With my voice raising quickly and my mood increasing i turn away and lean over to get out the car. My mother pulls my arm and glares at me. Holding my breath i look at her waiting for her to shout at me for talking out of term.

"Astrid, you are an incredible young girl, with incredible talents, like your father he.." The last of my moms sentence was cut short by the bell. She looks at me and sighs deeply. "We will carry this on at home, now scoot you're going to be late for class!"

Sighing dramatically i grab my bag, swing it over my shoulder and walk slowly to my first class knowing i was going to be late. The door of my first class, Maths was open, i peek inside to see where my friends were sitting before walking in quietly trying not to attract the attention of my teacher, "Astrid, you are now...7 minutes late to my class, being the daughter of the headteacher i would have thought you would have known better" Miss Bennett glares at me while i exhale the breathe i was unknowingly holding and take a seat by my closest friend, Shannon.

"Astrid, Happy Birthday" Shannon quietly says, whispering to each other and passing notes between class trying to be discrete to not attract the attention of unwanted people wasn't very difficult when no likes the daughter of the headteacher. I go to grab a piece of paper when a small sized box lands into the palm of my hand. I look up startled at the bizarre object.Looking to my left i see Shannon with a smug look on her face and a large smile planted across it. "It's not every day a young girl turns 11 now is it?" 

I glance at the box. sneaking side glances at Shannon before opening it. I open the black colored box slowly savoring the excitement, the box contains a small silver locket with the the initials A and S entwined together. I gasp and gently pick up the locket while looking at Shannon lost for words.

"So? Do you like it, or do you love it?" Shannon laughs while staring at my gobsmacked expression.

"I,I love it, it's the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. It's extraordinary!" I explain this to Shannon with tears slowly clinging onto my eyelashes threatening to spill at the slightest movement. 

Shannon slowly leans over to me and grasps the locket between her fingers and places it around my neck, "No Astrid, you're extraordinary. Not as much as me though" Me and Shannon both burst out laughing catching the attention of everybody in the class, including Miss Bennett.

"Astrid, Shannon. I do not appreciate that much noise in my class room, i wish for you two to step outside for a word. Astrid, i have received a message by your mother saying she wishes to see you after your final class."

Both me and Shannon groan in sync with each other before, slowly strolling out the classroom dragging our bags behind us and stepping just outside the door. 

We both look at each other just about to laugh but Miss Bennett slides out the classroom door and glares down at us. I gulp and sneak a quick glimpse at Shannon, she holds a straight face and looks bored with the situation. I quickly look away stifling a laugh behind by fist.

"Well, well firstly Astrid i would have thought you would know better then to act in an inappropriate manner in my class room, you will have detention with me tomorrow and Shannon you also will have detention, now both of you get to Mrs Chayse's office..now!"

We both stare at each other before nodding and quickly walking away in the opposite direction to my mothers office.

"Who does she think she is talking to you like that, she's the rude and disrespectful one!" Shannon Angrily declares her hate of Miss Bennett through punching a wall to her right.

"Shannon no don't be stupid, it's fine i'm not going to the detention i can get my mom to get us out of it" I look at Shannon waiting for a response. She finally looks up at me with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Wait, what? Shannon are you okay, have i said something wrong?" I try and grab Shannon's hand but she pulls away from me and stumbles backwards into the wall.

"No..Astrid you never do anything wrong, you're miss goodie, who never has detention because her mother can get her out of them. Well you know what i hate you and i hate this school, i can't wait to leave this school and go to Hogwarts!" She gasps and looks at me, panic surging through her body.

I glare at her bewildered, "wait what? You're going to...Hogwarts? What is that, i can't believe you're leaving me here!"

I stare at her dumbfounded waiting for her response, but all i get is a "I didn't mean to say that, you don't understand, you never will". I stare at her for a few more moments before turning around and sprinting to the nearest classroom.

I open the door and shut it closed. I close my eyes and allow the tears which i was unknowingly holding back spill down my face, and pulling at my hair. I quickly glance at my surroundings and with a groan i realize i'm in my mothers office and she's standing behind me with a stern look written across her face.

"Astrid, what is the matter with you today, first i get a message you stormed out of the classroom and...wait Astrid are you crying?" I didn't see my mothers reaction because i was to busy wiping the tears from my face.

"No..no mom i'm fine i just had a disagreement with Shannon" I finally turn to look at her and see concern plastered across her face. I quickly rush into an explanation before my mother can speak.

"Mom she lied to me, Shannon is leaving to go to another school...wait, what? I didn't storm out of any class!" I stare at my mother, my face red and puffy from all the crying.

"Astrid that doesn't matter and yes i did know Shannon is moving to another school, she received her letter to Hogwarts today." She looks at me waiting for a reaction.

I stare at her before i hear a quiet knocking on the window, i turn around and release a loud gasp, without realizing i'm on the floor backing away from the window. "M...mom why is there an owl at the window!"

I turn around to see my mom walking over to open the window. The Bright Grey owl with black eyes stares around the room and slowly stops flying and lands in front of me. I hold in a scream before realizing a letter is tied to the owl's leg.

I stare at my mom, i must have looked frightened because my mom slowly walks over to me and hugs me tightly while pulling me up onto my feet. "Sweetheart it's okay, get the letter from the owl and i will explain it to you once you have read it". I stare at my mom for a few more seconds before turning around and slowly grasping the letter from the owls leg and walk away slowly not breaking eye contact with the owl. Once the letter is released from the owl's leg it automatically straightens up and flies back out the window. With shaking hands i look at the letter addressed to,

Miss A Chayse,

Mrs Chayse's office

Riverlee Middle School

 North Sussex

I slowly turn the letter around to see an unusual wax seal on the back holding the envelope together. I stare at the letter for what seemed like hours before i hear a slight chuckle coming from my mom. I look at her and she gives me an encouraging smile. I slowly open the envelope and release the contents from inside. I gasp when i read the first few sentences.

Dear Miss Chayse.

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all the necessary books and equipment. Term begins on September the 1. We await your owl no later than July 31.

I look at my mom with wide eyes. She is staring right back at me with a smile spread across her face. She attempts to reach out and grasp my arms.I stumble backwards before declaring what i have been thinking this whole time.

"Is it real?"



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