A young girl, the age of 11 to be exact has only ever been ordinary. Astrid believes there's nothing beyond what the eye can see, she's only ever been a quiet and shy girl. Until she opens her eyes and looks beyond the insight of our imagination and realizes there's something extraordinary about the world she has claimed to once love.


7. Invisible or Invincible?

I look at my surroundings, my first lesson is Herbology and Gryffindor's are with the Slytherin's. I look over at my other peers and see Shannon being paired up with another Slytherin student, i think her name is Amie. I'm paired with Ted and we were assigned to help replant the Mandrake Roots. I turn and look over to Shannon and she has a look of pure disgust on her face when the plant is pushed towards her, i giggle slightly and turn to help Ted. We both were trying really hard to pick up and replant the Mandrake but it was being stubborn.

"Why must it be so moody! Why can't it just lift it's self up and go into the clean plant pot!" I sigh, as Ted carries on his rant about the Mandrakes and how he thinks they're useless. I gasp slightly as i cut my hand on a broken shard of glass. I quickly turn around from the rest of thee students, i see the red, raw skin cover over immediately with new pale white skin. I release a quiet sigh and turn around to see Ted staring at me wide eyed. I gulp slightly and try and change the topic, but Ted grabs my hand into his, tightly and stares at it in confusion.

"Astrid, you just cut your hand but there is no blood nor is there a mark even on your hand." I try and think of a quick excuse but nothing comes to mind. I glance over to Shannon and i see her staring at me with a look of fear written over her face, i nod slowly in Ted's direction then back to Shannon's to try and hint out what's happening. I quickly look at Ted, he's still staring at me, i try and avoid eye contact until he grabs a broken shard of glass and pulls it across the palm of my hand. I didn't even feel any pain and the cut heals over quickly, this seems to trigger something in Ted because he slowly walks away from me with a look of pure confusion written across his pale complexion. I take a deep breath.

"Ted it's not what it look like I can-" My sentence is cut short when Ted picks up his bag and storms out of the Greenhouse, but before he opens to door he stares back at me with a face of pure disgust and hatred. I can feel tears slowly fall out of my eyes, i try really hard to wipe them away but the more i do the more there seems to be. I hiccup quietly and walk over to the teacher to ask to be excused for the rest of the lesson. I don't mention my...situation because i'm not completely sure if all the teachers apart from Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape know.

"Professor Sprout, Miss could i please go to the hospital wing? I don't feel too good." I look up and see the Professor look back down at me with a weak smile planted across her face.

"Yes, Astrid you may. Shannon can escort you there, is there anything i can help with at all?" I politely decline her offer and thank her before signaling to Shannon to walk out with me. I sigh as i step out of the Greenhouse and the fresh air washes over me. I close my eyes for a few minutes but re-open them when Shannon nudges my side.

"Astrid what happened back there? Where's Ted, he looked pretty angry when he glanced back." I stare back at Shannon wondering if i should reveal that Ted knows of my...secret. I release another deep sigh before explaining the whole situation to her as we walk to the hospital wing. As we enter i see Madam Pomfrey helping another student. She turns around and as soon as she realizes it's me she walks quickly up to me and pulls me into her office.

"Astrid, what's wrong? I have called for Professor Dumbledore, i know of your situation and i know that Terry Lycus does too." I stare at her wide-eyed but before i can say anything i hear a quiet knocking at her office door and she leaves to open it. Both me and Shannon look at each other and nod slightly to show that we're in this together. We both are told to take a seat as Professor Dumbledore walks in with Professor McGonagall in tow.

"Well really? Two first year Gryffindor students out of lesson? I have already had a stern talking to Mr Lycus, but Miss Chayse i thought you would have knew better!" I stare in shock and confusion at the stern face of Professor McGonagall, i try and explain but before i can Shannon stands up and walks over to me.

"Well Professor's Ted and Astrid had a slight...disagreement of some sort and i thought it was best if she came to the hospital wing to should i say...calm down" I look at Shannon confused, she knew what happened why was she lying to the teachers for? I look at both professors until Professor Dumbledore tells me to take a walk with him. As i was leaving the Hospital wing, i look back at Shannon and i see her smile slightly.

"Astrid, i know what happened, it was a very Honorable thing Shannon did back there. She lied in order to protect your secret. I was very shocked when she was placed into Slytherin, i'n my opinion i think she possess more Gryffindor qualities then those of a Slytherin." I look up and see Professor Dumbledore smile slightly, i sigh.

"Professor can i ask you something?" I take a quick look at Professor Dumbledore's face and relax slightly as he nods.

"Well sir, i'm confused. The sorting Hat said i posses all qualities of the houses and one day i will be powerful..But why did it put me into Gryffindor? I mean i'm not brave, i'm scared of most things actually." I stop walking and sit my self on the nearest bench and put my head into my hands as i take quick short breaths to calm me down. I feel a warm pressure on my shoulder and look up into Professor Dumbledore's face. I hear him sigh quietly.

"Astrid, you're 11 years old. The day will come when all your questions will be answered. But today i cannot answer those for you." I turn away from the old man and stare into the depths of the Black Lake in front of me. I place my fingers into the water and feel a warmth spread through my fingers...wait warmth? The water is supposed to be cold.

I stare back at Professor Dumbledore and see his blue eyes are wide in shock and his mouth is in a thin straight line. I look back and gasp, loudly. My hand was slowly disappearing. I look back at Professor Dumbledore, and see him walking over to me. He places his hand on my shoulder and slowly helps me onto my feet. As soon as i'm on my feet i stare at my hands and they've both disappeared. I then look at the rest of my body, but there's nothing there. I release a scream as i realize...I'm invisible. My head starts spinning and the ground beneath my feet starts to blur. My chest starts to become tight and i was finding it hard to breathe. Before i knew it i feel warm hands grab me and i realize i can see my body again. I look up quickly and see concern written over Professor Dumbledore's face, before i can say anything everything starts to fade and my vision becomes blurry then everything is replaced with darkness.

I hear quiet voices fading in and out, but one sentence catches my attention.

"She posses more than one ability Dumbledore she could be in danger if anybody finds out!" I hear the voice but i don't know who it was coming from as it was really quiet and faint. Until i hear another voice.

"Invisible and Invincible, she's more powerful then even her father." I try and strain my ears to hear who's talking but everything starts to go quiet and darkness invades my vision and mind once again.

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