A young girl, the age of 11 to be exact has only ever been ordinary. Astrid believes there's nothing beyond what the eye can see, she's only ever been a quiet and shy girl. Until she opens her eyes and looks beyond the insight of our imagination and realizes there's something extraordinary about the world she has claimed to once love.


3. Before we know it

"Well, well you are extraordinary."

I stare at the tall figure in front of me, the way he holds him self, tall and proud suggests to me his quite arrogant. His voice sounds very raspy and deep and he seems to linger on certain words, i'm guessing he does it out of habit to make the situation more alluring but i think it is just plain weird. He has a very pale complexion, with a thin, hollow face. His nose is of center and hooked slightly. His long sleek black hair falls just above his shoulders in two parts from the center. Overall his look is not very appealing especially with his obsidian eyes staring straight at me.

"And who are you?" Of course Shannon had to be the one to speak first, just looking at the man staring at me was quite uncomfortable and a little frightening. The man turns his head to look at Shannon, he smirks lightly before speaking.

"I'm guessing you're Shannon Criss, Muggleborn. I am in fact a professor at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry My name is Professor Snape, i was sent here from the Headteacher of Hogwarts to escort you two to Diagon Alley to buy your equipment for the new.. school year." I turn and look at Shannon and she doesn't seem to care that this stranger knows her name, and in fact is a wizard. I hear Shannon gasp slightly and see her wince when she puts pressure on her wrist to pick up her bag.I turn to help her but Professor Snape is standing in front of Shannon with a stick raised to her wrist. I stand there staring at the stick in confusion, what was he possibly going to do with that?

"Episkey." I gasp a i see Shannon move her wrist without it hurting, i look at the man in owe. He turns to face me and i back away slightly as i realized that stick in fact must be a...wand. I look at him and he narrows his eyes slightly, without warning he grabs both of mine and Shannon's arms and we're suddenly moving, it feels as if i was getting pushed through a tight tube and the world was spinning. As soon as we started moving we stopped. We was now in front of a run down looking pub called..The Leaky Cauldron. I turn as i hear Shannon throwing up into the nearest bin, i chuckle slightly as i remember our last road-trip and all Shannon did was throw up.

I turn to look at Professor Snape but as soon as i look at him he walks quickly into the pub leaving me and Shannon behind. I quickly look back at Shannon to see her face still had dirt covering it and her face pale. I grab her warm hands into mine and we walk into the eerie looking pub together.

I gasp as i look at all the people in the pub, well not everyone were people. That was an old man at the counter talking to Professor Snape, there were old men and women sitting at the different dusted covered tables. I'm guessing these were all witches and wizards by the clothes they were wearing. There was even a strange looking creature sat at the bar with a blonde hair family. I see Shannon walking over to the professor and i slowly walk behind her trying not to catch anybody's attention. 

"Professor where are we? I thought you said we were getting our equipment for school, plus i'm pretty sure Astrid's mother is worried sick." I see Snape slowly turn around to look at Shannon, he sighs quickly before turning around to the man then briskly walking away out the other end of the pub. We both pick up our paces and follow Professor Snape not wanting to lose him. "Sir, excuse me but why are we outside standing by a brick wall?" I timidly ask Snape but he ignores me and starts tapping certain bricks on the wall with his wand. Out of nowhere the wall starts to break away and we were left staring at a busy street full of people, and weird looking shops. This was definitely no High street. I just stare at it all in owe i couldn't take my eyes of it an before i know it Shannon is pulling me forwards into the street. We stay holding hands not wanting to lose each other in the middle of a strange place. Professor Snape suddenly takes off and walks straight to the tallest building there. It was remarkable it was made out of white marble and each inch of it was sparking from the reflection of the sun. I stare at Shannon and i see she is standing there looking at it in owe.

"Astrid, Shannon this is Gringotts. It's the worlds largest bank for witches and wizards. This is where you will find your money to pay for your school equipment." Snape presented us both with small keys and placed them into the palm of our hands. We walked into the building and saw weird old creatures sat on tall stools looking at a range of diamonds and pearls. I gasp as one stared straight at me catching my eye, i quickly turn away and run forwards to catch up to Shannon and Professor Snape. Shannon grasps my arm as we were escorted forwards by the creature. Before i know it me and Shannon were seated into a cart with Professor Snape standing at the entrance refusing to take us any further. The ride was quick and i couldn't recall how many times Shannon threw up during the journey. We stopped to a halt and the creature also known as a Goblin, which Shannon told me quietly before getting into the cart, first stopped at Shannon's vault, the Goblin placed the key into the lock and swiped one of his large spiked nails against the edge of the vaults door. It squeaked open and we were presented with a range of different colored pieces of metal, in which i was guessing was magical money. Shannon grabbed a few hand fulls of different ones and placed it into a pouch we were provided with. Next stop was my vault, it wasn't to far away from Shannon's so luckily Shannon didn't throw up during the cart ride there. I gave the Goblin my key and the process was repeated, both me and Shannon gasped at the amount of money in my vault. It was definitely twice the amount as Shannon's. I took around the same amount as Shannon and before i knew it we were back in the entrance hall of Gringotts.

"Have you got enough needed to purchase your equipment?" Professor Snape's eyes were staring down into the side of my head as i refused to look at him. 

Shannon saluted him and stated "Yes, sir." She just had to act stupid around people. I sighed quietly as Professor Snape escorted us around Diagon Alley collecting all of our equipment. I just couldn't wait to purchase my wand from Ollivanders. As we entered the dusty old shop a shuffling was heard and then an old mans face appeared around the side of the store. "I wondered when i was going to be seeing you here Miss Chayse and Miss Criss." The old mans voice was quiet and faint so you had to strain your ears to hear him. Shannon was called forwards first to get measured and receive her wand.

Shannon received a wand almost straight away, hers contained Dragon heartstring and was made out of pine wood. It was really beautiful it was light brown in color, smooth and had spiral engravings around the base of the wand. She paid for her wand and sat down waiting for me to purchase mine. I took a deep breath and walked forward. Mr Ollivander stared at me for a few seconds before rushing off to find a wand. He placed the wand in the palm of my hand. He did this a few times until a certain want caught my attention. The lid of the box was off so was showing the wand inside, It was black in color with different colored gems implanted around the wand. I looked at the man who was starting to panic to find me a wand.

"Excuse me, Sir? Could i please try that wand?" I stuttered slightly and pointed to the wand falling out of the box.

"Oh yes, of course do try it." He started to whisper to him self as he placed the wand into my palm. I felt a warmth spread through my entire body and a sudden urge of power. I placed the wand back in the box and turned to leave, until Mr Ollivander quietly said a few words.

"Your wand is very powerful Miss Chayse the core contains Thestral tail hair and a phoenix feather, there has never been a wand made out of two cores before, nor made out of Cherry-wood." I stare back at him wondering what this was supposed to mean. I must have a confused look over my face because Mr Ollivander chuckled at my reaction.

"You're a very powerful witch Miss Astrid Chayse, maybe one day you might not need the wand to project your power.Your'll figure out the true extent to your power and before you know it.." His sentence was cut short by Professor Snape who rudely interrupted him and sent a glare over to the Store keeper.

"Miss Chayse. Miss Criss before you know it, you will be back at home." I'm guessing this was the warning we get from Professor Snape before we apparated again.This time we was outside my house and it was dark out. I turned to look at Shannon she was pale and was looking back it me. She was staring at me before she whispered, "Before we know it?" I just looked at her confused and shrugged my shoulders and set off into the house, hopefully to get some answers.


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