Every body is like Us And We are Like them


1. We Are Each other

 I mean well if you think it about We are each other.

  I know you what you are thinking . "What does he mean ? " is exactly the question streaming through your head right    now. what i mean by is , we are similar to each other than we think  our personality is neither blue or orange or grey 

i would say we are all colours it's just some colours are dimmer.. ( Is dimmer a Word) 

We are Good and Bad and intelligent and stupid all at the same time ... I know you don't want to hear you are stupid but come on how many times have you done something stupid and you slammed your head over and over.

I think that most of the time we are perceived according to the first Impression we show off ..i think just as we first meet each other subconsciously our minds  already decides how we are to talk with each other how to treat each other.

I Will try updating this .. i have more thoughts upon it 

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