From The Other's Point Of View - The Pregnancy Project

They say that the grass is always green on the other side. Is it? You've got to go through one of the joys of being a woman to find out.

Or to put it bluntly: Harry Potter turns into a girl and has to go through the pregnancy project. xD

FemHP/DM, RW/HG, GW/BZ, NL/LL. Enjoy!


2. The Drama Starts

Oh, god. Here we go. The project starts today. TODAY. I'm not ready for this. Hell, I'll never be ready for this. But I've got Draco to help me. I have to calm down!


"Well, Seventh years, it's time for the pregnancy project. Each of you ladies will be paired with a young man, not necessarily from your house. Girls, you will be 'pregnant' for approximately 9 days. Each pair will have to live together for the rest of the year in your own quarters. Those of you who have that privilege already will have to use your current rooms. Here are the pairings. Listen carefully, as I will not repeat them," Said professor McGonogall.

"Ron Weasley and Daphne Greengrass." Everyone gasped in horror.
"Hermione Granger and Cormac McLaggen." Hermione looked like she was about to cry.
"Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom." This pairing wasn't so bad.
"Taylor Brooks and Draco Malfoy." The boys looked at Malfoy in envy while half of the female population of Hogwarts glared at me. Draco sent me a knowing smile.

The list went on and on until everyone was paired and Madam Pomfrey came to inject the 'baby' into the girls. My hands shook as she came to me but Draco grabbed my hand secretly while she did it. The baby was magically going to resemble both of the parents.

McGonogall spoke up once more. "One more thing before you leave, if you become attached to your child, you ARE allowed to make the choice to keep him or her, but both parents must agree."


Draco followed me up to my room. I turned around to him and said: "Why are you here?"
He answered with: "You have quarters but I don't, so I have to come here, remember?" He then surprised me greatly by pulling me into a hug and telling me I did really well and he was going to take real care of me. I couldn't help but smile.

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