Little Liars

Ten muggle borns who had NO intention of being a witch/wizard won scholarships to Hogwarts and automatically became best friends! Only that they are awful at magic... Whilst friendships and romances start, unfortunately, so do lies and secrets.


4. Wingard Levisa

Helena's P.O.V

 Today was our first day of lessons and it went perfectly-for me. I am top at every class and am a favourite with about 99% of the teachers (Snape doesn't like me so he is only worth 1%). In charms I did best and I think Ross did the worst.

Ross's P.O.V

I hate charms. And every other subject at school. Frankie says I'm terrible at magic but I say that it's my wands fault. The more I think about it the more it appears to be MY fault l -never mind. Anyways, in charms we were sat in partners and I was put with Helena. We were floating feathers and I swear I was saying it right but apparently not. I said "Wingard Levisa." but Helena just said "Your doing it completely wrong the wrist movement is the opposite of whatever that is supposed to be. It's 'Wingardium Leviosa' anyways and your supposed to be doing 'Swish and Flick' not 'Flick and Lob-Your-Wand-Across-The-Room'." So I said to her "Maybe you could do it. Seeing as your so clever." Helena picked up her incredibly thin wand and levitate her feather perfectly. I had to be the most irritated person in the entire universe. She lent down and whispered in my ear "I told you so." I didn't speak to her until lunch.

I had potions after that and Lewis and I were partners. 1 crap wizard + ANOTHER crap wizard = No more potions class. The cauldron blew up in our faces so we spent the rest of the day in the hospital wing. Lewis managed to break his fingers and I had a black face. The girls were very amused by it but it felt awful.

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