Little Liars

Ten muggle borns who had NO intention of being a witch/wizard won scholarships to Hogwarts and automatically became best friends! Only that they are awful at magic... Whilst friendships and romances start, unfortunately, so do lies and secrets.


3. Whatsapp Chat


Just got into Gryffindor! So awesome! 

Parry Hotter-TheChosenOneRocks: Same as me!



Who is Parry Hotter?TheChosenOneRocks.


Parry Hotter-TheChosenOneRocks

Guys sh its me Harry Potter I don't want to reveal myself to my fangirls.


Molly Morrison-_mollinda_

Dude u just told EVERYONE who u are. Lol!

{Parry Hotter deleted his account}

Lewis Banter-Lululiscious

Lol Harry just deleted his account!


Barry Snotter-TheChosenOneIsSoNotMe

Hi guys. {This is Harry Potter I just created a new account} : ]


Molly Morrison-_Mollinda_

U just did it again Harry. LOL :]


{Barry Snotter deleted his account}


Draco Malfoy-DracoLuvsPansy

Egh!Stupid Potter! 



Is that the second time you've deleted your account Harry?


Carry Dotter-LightningScarsAreInFashion

Yeh :[ Whys MALFOY in OUR group!!!!!?????



I don't no Gemma started the group so ask her.


Draco Malfoy- DracoLuvsPansy

So... You mudbloods found out about whatsapp too.


Helena Phelps-_Hellie_Phelps

We've had this for a LONG time and the term "mudbloods" is very rude! And you love PANSY!


Draco Malfoy-No. I don't. I don't know what your talking about. ME love PANSY! are you SERIOUS!

Helena Phelps-_Hellie_Phelps-Don't lie Draco you LOVE her. You even put it as your name on here.

{Draco Malfoy left the group}





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