Little Liars

Ten muggle borns who had NO intention of being a witch/wizard won scholarships to Hogwarts and automatically became best friends! Only that they are awful at magic... Whilst friendships and romances start, unfortunately, so do lies and secrets.


1. The Scholarships To Wierdo School

Dear Miss Molly Matilda Morrison,

I am pleased to inform you that you have won

a scholarship to Hogwarts School of

Witchcraft and Wizardy.

A list of all required items are on

another piece of parchment with this letter.

From Proffessor Mcgonagall.




Molly's P.O.V

Really? This has to be a joke. I mean "Witchcraft" "Wizardy" there is no such thing as that. "Mum.Dad." I shouted up the stairs, "Come look at this." My mum and dad looked at it and didn't believe that it was real. They said it was "unrealistic" and "ridiculous" I'm just wondering who would think of sending such a stupid letter to me. It's just a silly thing to do to someone really. Suddenly there was a loud banging on the door and outside was a man to big to be a man. He had a monsturously large beard that was beetle black like his eyes. Behind him were nine other people my age, five boys and four girls. "Er. 'Ello. I'm 'Agrid. From 'Ogwarts." The man said. Yer kid 'as won a scholarship 'asn't she. I've been sent by Dumbledore ter collect yer daughter. Sorry fer comin' at such short notice." "No no it's fine, really." My mum said, "What should we send her out with?" "Er. nothing really just a couple 'a tops and that." Hagrid said. I went upstairs to pack and took one last look at my room. I threw anything into a small rucsac and went. After we left my house we walked a long way to a small house were Hagrid said we'd be staying until term started. It was a little cottage with three bedrooms so it was girls, boys and Hagrid. Stacey was a very girly girl with very bright pink hair and steel gray eyes. Gemma was a small blonde hair bue eyes girl who had no idea what she was doing. Belle was more of a quiet girl who always had her head in a book, her slightly curled dark brown hair covered her green eyes most of the time. Helena was an open chatty girl and if someone was speaking it was most likely to be her, she had red hair and bright green eyes. The boys were Frankie, who had light brown hair and blue eyes. Lewis who wasn't the most communicative of people and prefered to stay quiet. His hair was jet black and his eyes matched. James had sandy hair and very pale blue eyes. If Helena wasn't blabbing on all the time it would be Kai that was talking. He had gray eyes and white-ish hair. Ross had light blonde hair and brown eyes. Before dinner on friday, the day before we went to Hogwarts, Frankie went to try and talk to Belle. He was the first. It ended quite badly.

Frankie's P.O.V

"So erm Belle. I hear you haven't really been er talking." I said nervously, "Not like saying nothing just erm er not talking to us or people." Belle had just noticed I was there and made an effort talking. "Er hi. Frankie, right?" Belle said just as nervous as I did. "Yeah erm so. You like books?" I said. "Is it that obvious? Or do you just see that I'm almost not here?" She said. "Oh no. Er no not at all you just er don't really talk er thats all." "Ok then. Good." She said and with that Hagrid called her to help set out plates.

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